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Denver Public Library



The Denver Public Library's Children's Library has a long history of service especially geared to the young people of Denver, the state of Colorado and beyond. This commitment began in 1889 with the appointment of John Cotton Dana as Denver's first official City Librarian. Dana was one of the first people to suggest a separate reading room for children within a library. He formed the first children's room in the public library, then located in Denver's East High School. It contained materials just for children, including books and picture files, and featured a gold and red inscription on one wall from Robert Louis Stevenson that read The World is so Full of a Number of Things, I'm sure we should all be as Happy as Kings.

Denver Public Library has continued that tradition of excellence in service for children in the 100 plus years since Dana resided as City Librarian. Each of DPL's 23 branches has a dedicated juvenile space, the largest of which is the Children's Library in the Central Library building. The mission of the Denver Public Library, To inform, educate, inspire and entertain, is reflected in its juvenile resources and services for children.

The Childrens Library is located in the Central Librarybuilding at 10 West 14th Avenue Parkway, on the corner of 14th Streetand Broadway, very close to the State Capitol building. The Childrensspace is situated prominently on the first level of the sevenstoryCentral Library, covering 12,500 square feet.

TheChildrens Library and the furniture in it were designed by MichaelGraves, the architect that designed the 1995 Central Library addition.The furniture and shelving was custommade for the space and designedwith little people in mind. The room is large and bright with lots ofareas for quiet reading, sharing stories, and playing.

It also features the Claire McMenamy Berger Memorial ChildrensPavilion, a spectacular, octagonalshaped space for storytelling andother childrens programs.