Green Festival Speakers




Deborah Bassett is a dedicated environmental and social activist who travels the globe raising awareness and funding for numerous cause based initiatives. From tsunami relief work in Thailand, to community building in rural El Salvador, to jaguar conservation in the heart of Mexico's Selva Maya Rainforest, she has worked directly with such organizations as Amazon Watch, Earth Island Institute, Global Green USA, Habitat For Humanity, Orangutan Outreach, Rainforest2Reef, Shark Angels, Surfers For Cetaceans, TEDx SF and The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Throughout the years Deborah has participated in various international campaigns to shut down illegal poaching activities and protect endangered species and habitats. Her activism has been featured in the Animal Planet series, Whale Wars: Viking Shores which chronicles Sea Shepherd's 2011 pilot whale defense campaign in the Faroes Islands.

In 2007 Deborah joined the crew of pro surfers and activists in a paddle-out ceremony to help expose the annual slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan, as featured in the 2010 Academy Award winning film, "The Cove." She most recently returned from the South Pacific where she participated in a Sea Shepherd/Shark Angels shark defense and outreach campaign to raise awareness about the brutal shark finning industry.

Fluent in French and Spanish, Deborah continues to work as an independent journalist and consultant for various international nonprofit organizations, specializing in public relations, outreach and special events planning. She is a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post and The Ecologist and graduate from the department of Sociology & Anthropology at Concordia University in Montreal.