Green Festival Speakers

Stephanie Davies



Community educator, entrepreneur, author, and health care professional,Davies, revels in the wisdom of the red wiggler composting worm. As the founder of Urban Worm Girl, she educates the urban community about the ease and benefits of recycling kitchen waste by composting with worms. In 2008 Davies developed, Urban Worm Girl to spread the word about vermiculture, to reduce landfill waste and to promote the return of nutrients to the earth. Since its’ beginning, Urban Worm Girl’s mission has been to remind each of us of the interconnectedness of all beings, and guide us towards a more responsible and mindful way of life. Davies growing team of educators provides simple supplies and hands on assistance with set up and maintenance of worm bins. Davies also organizes and leads community and school based workshops, demonstrations, and “Worm Parties” to help ease people into this unfamiliar territory. The Urban Worm Girl team has also introduced commercial vermicompostin g to to Chicago, leading installations of commercial size worm bins in several local coorporations. In addition, Davies has recently published her first book, Composting Inside and Out, 14 Methods to Fit Your Lifestyle. Davies spent the first 16 years of her career establishing a holistic out patient physical rehabilitation and fitness practice. Stephanie believes in educating and enriching the lives of all the members of her community.