Green Festival Speakers

Melissa Bearns


After more than seven years working in the private sector providing social media and marketing services, Bearns founded Current Shift to support non-profit and for-profit business and organizations whose products and work promote community building and sustainable practices and choices. Current Shift provides innovative, integrated new media solutions, marketing and media planning, with the focus on flexible strategies that can be quickly and easily adapted to respond to the constant changes in the business, financial and political landscapes. Clients include Klean Kanteen and Bronwen Jewelry, and political campaigns in Oregon: “Ban The Bag,” “Clean Energy For Oregon,” and “BPA-Free Oregon.” Bearns is also a co-owner of Wend Magazine and holds a Master’s degree in New Media Journalism from Northwestern University. In addition, she also spent time as web developer for public television in Chicago and has been a freelance writer and editor for the last 17 years.