Green Festival Speakers

Pascal Baudar



Pascal Baudar is a wild food, outdoor/self-reliance instructor and author in Los Angeles, California. He has dedicated the past 12 years to studying self-reliance, traditional food preservation methods and wild food in the Southern California region and integrating them into a sustainable lifestyle.

Originally from Belgium, Pascal grew up in the rural farmland near Tournai where a close relationship with the land, knowledge of botany/agriculture and a hands-on approach to sourcing food was a natural way of life.

Specializing in wild food preservation and country Belgian/French cuisine, Pascal brings old world techniques and traditions to his culinary creations – including fermenting, salting, pickling, drying and various methods of canning, to name a few. He is also a certified Master Food Preserver / Food Safety Advisor.

His experience and artistic approach to sourcing, preparing and preserving food you find in the wilderness has allowed him to create truly unique gourmet dishes.

He has been teaching classes for the last seven years in the Los Angeles area and has been featured in numerous publications and TV shows such as ABC News, NBC, Times magazine, Los Angeles Times, the "Wilderness Way" magazine, Pasadena Weekly and much more.

Pascal is also an avid competitive marksman, outdoor photographer, as well as an accomplished, award winning artist and creative director.