Green Festival Speakers

John Perry Barlow



Managing Partner John Perry Barlow has enjoyed a diverse career that has spanned many industries and roles from business owner, rancher, media entrepreneur, early Internet pioneer, leadership in multiple foundations and management consulting. He has and continues to be a technology and management consultant to groups such as IBM, the United States Navy, Visa International, American Banking Institute and many more. He cofounded the Electronic Frontier Foundation and has served on various nonprofit boards including the Wyoming Outdoor Council, External Advisory Board of the National Supercomputing Alliance and several foundations. Mr. Barlow has extensive experience in developing nations, having personally connected 10 African countries to the Internet. He was called One of the 25 Most Influential People in Financial Services by FutureBanker Magazine, The Thomas Jefferson of Cyberspace by Yahoo Internet Life, and a Cyberspace Cadet by the Wall Street Journal, which is fitting since he is credited with having coined the phrase cyberspace.