Nonprofit Allies

The strong roots of every Green Festival stem from the incredible enthusiasm of the local and regional community, as well as the support of valuable relationships formed with local and regional nonprofit organizations. Green Festival Nonprofit Allies provide an incredible network of volunteerism and funding to socially and environmentally benefit the community. Visit Nonprofit Ally sites today and find out how you can engage to "Pay it Forward" and "Get it Back" in your community.


Urban Tilth

Urban Tilth hires and trains Richmond and West County residents to cultivate urban agriculture in west Contra Costa County helping our community build a more sustainable, healthy, and just food system. We work with schools, community-based organizations, government agencies, businesses, and individuals to develop the capacity to produce 5% of our own food supply.


Women's Action to Gain Economic Security

wages Women's Action to Gain Economic Security (WAGES) is dedicated to promoting the economic and social well being of low-income women through cooperative business ownership. WAGES develops healthy, dignified worker-owned co-ops that emphasize environmentally friendly techniques as a way to protect workers' health and the environment. The co-ops provide improved financial stability for low-wage workers and expand the economic and social empowerment of their families and communities throughout the greater Bay Area.


The Embarcadero YMCA

ymca In a neighborhood poised for growth, our neighbors and members recognize the Embarcadero YMCA for sustained life-changing programming that reaches deep into the community, right here, and throughout the city and the Bay Area. The Embarcadero YMCA offers Youth Chance High School, Youth & Government, three free SOMA after-school programs and day camps throughout the year. The Embarcadero YMCA partners with local businesses, community-based organizations and funders as well as other YMCAs to share our resources and facilities on the waterfront, throughout the SOMA community and on Treasure Island.


Bay Localize

farmstogrow Bay Localize is catalyzing a movement toward a regional, national, and international self-reliant economy that strengthens all communities to combat social inequity, and inspiring and supporting Bay Area residents in building equitable, resilient communities, confronting the challenges of climate instability, rising energy costs, and recession by boosting our region's capacity to provide for everyone's needs, sustainably and equitably.


Rising Sun Energy Center

farmstogrowRising Sun Energy Center is an industry leader in energy retrofit services and workforce development. We serve Bay Area residents with free green home assessments and deeply discounted retrofits that help them to combat climate change and save money on their utility bills through energy efficiency, water conservation and education about sustainable practices. Simultaneously, our community programs provide green career training and employment to local youth and adults with barriers to employment.


Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch is a nonprofit organization founded in 1996 to protect the rainforest and advance the rights of indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin. We partner with indigenous and environmental organizations in campaigns for human rights, corporate accountability and the preservation of the Amazon's ecological systems.