State: Oregon

Xylem Clothing

3085 Whitbeck blvd, Eugene, Oregon, 97405 - View Map

Organic clothing made in the USA

Clothe yourself in organic fabrics and elegant designs with Xylem Clothing. Fashioned from conscience materials and produced ethically, Xylem Clothing gracefully embraces accentuate, and complement the unique and true form of a woman's body.

Phone: 541)953-7799

Aita Handcrafts

1425 SE 72nd Ave, Portland, Oregon, USA, 97215 - View Map

Aita Handcrafts is a family business that imports the artwork of local community artists from South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal Province. We are committed to building relationships with and promoting artists engaged in traditional African folk art. We believe the basis for these relationships is fair trade, fair compensation and the responsible use of natural resources.

Phone: 503.252.3439

Big City Burritos

P.O. Box 12345, Portland, Oregon, U.S. - View Map

Healthy burritos: famously fresh and delicious. Try one!

We have been making high quality, vegetarian burritos at fairs and festivals throughout the Northwest for over 20 years. We are very excited and proud to be a part of this historic Seattle moment: The First Seattle Green Festival! We look forward to offering a deliciously organic vegetarian burrito at this year's event. Hopefully, the Seattle Green Festival becomes another annual Seattle tradition. Viva La Economia Verde!!

Phone: (503) 997-6108


PO Box 444, Williams, Oregon, usa, 97544 - View Map

Living Foods for loving Life!

Living Foods for loving Life!Sourced from Sustainable and Indigenous Farming Co-Ops direct to retailer and customers via our Oregon facility.

Phone: 541 535-6693

A Going Green Initiative

5850 sw 176th ave, aloha, oregon, us, 97007 - View Map

Designer Eco-Friendly Re-Usable Grocery Bags Replacing Plastic!

I design re-usable fabric grocery bags to replace plastic bags in the grocery stores. My bags are good for other uses as well. At the library, over night bag, gym bag.....Getting people to use fabric bags by making it trendy, is the idea. Its catching on!!!

Phone: 503-504-2106

Earthbound Creations

Eugene, Oregon, USA, 97404 - View Map

Sustainable eco-fashion for women and men

Earthbound Creations is an eco-fashion company committed to protecting the environment by bringing our customers quality sustainable clothing. Providing comfortable fashion-forward clothing for Men and Women.

Phone: 877-525-1124

Victoria Batik

3430 Alder Street, Eugene, Oregon, USA, 97405 - View Map

batik clothing designs, exclusive of Victoria Batik

Art and function blend well together with this ancient technique called batik. As part of the creative process we use food grade pure beeswax, cold water process dyes and socially responsible, style-friendly clothing as a canvas for these naturally inspired designs you can comfortably wear. Made in Eugene, Oregon.

Phone: 541-465-8058

Living Harvest

PO Box 4407, Portland, Oregon, US, 97208 - View Map

Come try Living Harvest Hempmilk...It's Delicious!

NEW ! Come try Living Harvest Hempmilk; available in Original, Vanilla, and Chocolate. Also sample our raw, certified organic, hemp protein powders, hemp seeds and oils.

Phone: 503-274-0755

Ananya Studio

4218 ne 26th ave, portland, oregon, usa, 97211 - View Map

Fair Trade Gifts From Around the World.

Ananya Studios offers quality jewelry and other products inspired by South and South East Asian traditions. We work with small producers in these regions to bring you the best products we can while paying them a fair price. The Sri Lankian designer helps craftspeople establish their own workshops in their village, offering employment to other villagers and providing them with a sustainable business. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we have enjoyed finding and bringing them to you.

Phone: 503-708-8354

YOLO Colorhouse

3909 NE MLK Blvd., Portland, Oregon, USA, 97212 - View Map

YOLO Colorhouse is zero VOC, Green Seal certified interior paint.

At YOLO Colorhouse we are proud of what’s NOT in our paint: no carcinogens, no mutagens, no hazardous air pollutants, no ozone depleting compounds, no formaldehyde, no phthalates, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and NO BAD COLORS!

Phone: 503.493.8275

Feldenkrais Method

5436 N. Albina Ave., Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., 97217 - View Map

Feel better. Move better. Think better. Feldenkrais®

The Feldenkrais Method® teaches, through gentle touch and directed movement, how we can improve our capacity to function optimally in our daily lives. Feldenkrais is for anyone who wants to reconnect with their natural abilities to move easily, think clearly and feel better. Learning to move with less effort improves all of one's functions and makes daily life easier. The Feldenkrais Method addresses chronic pain (such as back and neck pain), poor posture and limited mobility. And, importantly, through the Feldenkrais Method's focus on the relationship between movement and thinking, people discover that as their physical performance improves, they also experience increased mental awareness and enhanced creativity. Everyone, young and old, healthy and infirm, from athletes and artists to office workers and laborers, can benefit from the Feldenkrais Method. So, whether the goal is finding greater comfort and efficiency in working at the computer, playing with children and grandchildren, engaging in creative arts, exercising and playing sports, or enjoying a favorite pastime, Feldenkrais lessons will improve your overall well-being and performance.

Phone: 800.775.2118

921 SW Washington, Suite 719, Portland, Oregon, USA, 97205 - View Map

Greener Web Hosting: Reliable, Affordable, Sustainable, Responsible.

A responsible, sustainable web hosting provider powered by 100% locally-generated wind energy. Shared, reseller, and dedicated plans start at just $7.50 per month. Our no-oversell guarantee ensures you have complete access to the space and bandwidth you pay for, on servers that are never overloaded or slow. Our 24/7 customer support team is unbeatable in its professionalism and friendliness.

Phone: 800.574.4299

Mountain Rose Herbs

PO Box 50220, Eugene, Oregon, USA, 97405 - View Map

An herbs, health & harmony company supporting organic agriculture

Providing exquisite quality bulk organic herbs, spices, teas, oils, and ingredients since 1987. Mountain Rose Herbs is known for an uncompromising commitment to organic agriculture with a steadfast focus on the pure aesthetics and freshness of botanical products. OTCO Certified Organic, IMO Fair For Life, Earth Kosher Certified.

Phone: 800-879-3337

The Bear Deluxe

2516 NW 29th Avenue, #9, Portland, Oregon, USA, 97210 - View Map

exploring environmental issues through the creative arts

The Bear Deluxe is a national, independent environmental magazine publishing award-wining works of reporting, creative nonfiction, literature, visual art and design. Published in Portland, Oregon by Orlo foundation, The Bear Deluxe has been exploring environmental issues through the creative arts since 1993.

Phone: 503.242.1047

Sweetgrass Natural Fibers

P.O. Box 1301, Ashland, Oregon, USA, 97520 - View Map

Sustainable, organic, contemporary clothing made in the USA.

Sustainable and Organic clothing that is contemporary, comfortable and fabulous! Men's and Women's styles suitable for any occasion. Made responsibly in the USA.

Phone: 877-391-8936

1430 Willamette St.#264, Eugene, Oregon, USA, 97401 - View Map

HIA Hemp Pavilian

Hand-made in Eugene,Oregon for over ten years, Trust Hemp Cooperation uses innovative techniques to build custom tailored clothing using 55% hemp/45% organic cotton knit fabric."Building trust through artistic cooperation."

Phone: (541) 710-4420

Winifred Jewelry

100 se harney st #15, Portland, oregon, 97202 - View Map

High-end Streetwear Jewelry:Fruitskulls, Love Knuckles.

Handmade, Portland Oregon based, Street Wear Jewelry. Made with Recycled metal of Course!Genetically Modified Mutated Fruitskulls, LoveKnuckles, Snakes on a Chain, and Bad Ideas will be present. Cartoonish, Sci-Fi based peices with political undertones.Come See Me at Booth 414!-Winifred

Eugene, Oregon, USA, 97405 - View Map

hemp , organic, locally made men'swear and women'swear

Stylish hemp, natural and organic fiber eco clothing made locally in Oregon. Featuring comfortable, yet high quality functional menwear, and fashionable eco-wear for women too.

Phone: 541-344-4756

Fair World Project (FWP)

1625 SE 25th Avenue, Portland, Oregon, USA, 97214 - View Map

FWP supports dedicated fair trade producers/brands.

FWP supports dedicated fair trade producers and brands, and insists on integrity in use of the term fair trade in certification, labeling and marketing.

Phone: 503-206-6729

Mother Tongue Ink Publishing

181 Brimstone Rd., Wolf Creek, Oregon, USA, 97497 - View Map

An Astrological, Eco-Feminist, Earth-Based Publishing Company

We'Moon, published by Mother Tongue Ink, is a co-creation of global women's culture. Each year the We'Moon astrological datebook, wall calendar and cards collect and integrate powerful women's art and writing from all over the world into a gorgeous and useful guide to lunar rhythms, astrological cycles, deep ecology, goddess-inspired pagan traditions, and multi-cultural, earth-based spirituality. We'Moon is a best selling appointment book, now in its 29th year of publication.The "Last Wild Witch" is our new children's book, written by Starhawk and illustrated by Lindy Kehoe. Starhawk and Lindy will be at the Green Festival for a signing of the book. Come by our booth for details.

Phone: 1.877.693.6666