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Earth Routes

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reservations and resources for green travel

Travel planning, research, and reservations, helping to connect you with lodging, transportation, and touring services with respect for Earth's resources and inhabitants. There are many ways to go green!

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Personalized ecotourism itineraries that support conservation, communities and culture in Costa Rica

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sumptuous sleeping pillows, yoga and meditation cushions

Sachi Organics produces a line of sumptuous sleeping pillows in organic cotton, eco wool, kapok and buckwheat hulls. We also manufacture yoga and meditation cushions in our family owned business in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Happy Green Bee

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organic cotton play wear for kids

Organic cotton clothing and accessories for infants and children

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Gold Star Honeybees

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Top Bar Beehive kits for Sustainable Beekeeping

Gold Star Honeybees ™ is the maker of the Gold Star Top Bar Beehive kit.Made with natural, non-toxic materials, a Gold Star Top Bar Hive lets bees make their own beeswax - so it's Better for the Bees, Better for the Beekeeper, and Better for the Planet! It's just Better!

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The Maine Blanket

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Five sizes, woven on local Looms, with fair trade farming, provides as much peace of mind as it does comfort.  Started as a project to reward growers for finer grades of wool and restart our textile tradition, THIS is the heirloom for today that conserves farms and mills for tomorrow.  Embracing a tradition of craftsmanship at every careful step of the way, we heard you, and need you, and are so thankful for this opportunity to work together for a better, cozier world.

A four part carbon saver, rediscover wool and see how it fits back in your life.  Fine, light grades of wool are hypoallergenic and do not itch.  Solar dyed in Seawater adds NO chemical or processing itch.  Locally grown and woven reduces carbon miles.  One renewable harvest a year delivers a lifetime of warming AND cooling, regulating your temperature, naturally.   

All natural, all the time, sheep are simply the most restorative of our farm animals. Slow comfort with smart design, echoed by the SEACOLORS system to dye and recover waste streams SO clean they irrigate, to grow more grass, to make more wool, to bring more comfort... The Maine Blanket has the Gold Standard of Green Certification.  See, Feel, Love.


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Unity College

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Offering 16 environmentally-focused academic programs

We are America’s Environmental College. Our students are passionate about conserving the earth and all living things. With 16 environmentally-focused bachelor degree programs taught through the lens of sustainability science, graduates are prepared for work in the fields of natural resources, conservation, and communications.

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Expanding Opportunities: Aina Moja

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Expanding Opportunities: Aina Moja: social purpose art

Expanding Opportunities is a 501c3 organization in the USA and a registered NGO in Kenya. At the Green Festival, we are featuring three of the organization's six projects: our GREEN Children's Home; our Fair Trade Artisan Support Project; and our International Wilderness Camp Forest. Visit us at Booth 326.

Phone: 207-722-3708