State: Illinois

Illinois Green Pastures Fiber Co-Op

201 W. Galena St. (RT 30), Big Rock, Illinois, USA - View Map

Sustainable, All Natural Fiber Products from Local Farms

The Illinois Green Pastures Fiber Co-Op, formed in July 2006, is an enthusiastic group of fiber producers working together to market their products. With nearly thirty local farms and growing, they feature all natural, humanely-raised fibers, rovings, yarns, mattress covers, pillows and gift items. Their products are marketed through their website and at Esther's Place in Big Rock, Illinois. Esther's Place also offers retreats, classes and parties in knitting, felting, dyeing, spinning weaving, sustainable farming and organic cooking in their Victorian home. Laugh, linger and be inspired with the best natural fiber in Illinois and a fiber arts community at Esther's Place!

Phone: 630-556-9665


645 N. Michigan Ave. , Suite 1006, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 60611 - View Map

Gluten Content Testing in Booth

G-Free-V is an Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free food company that is hopelessly focused on Taste. Brands include: The Balanced Kitchen - ResturantVegan by Nature - Wholesale Brandthe Bot Bakery - Cookies, Candies, Cakes

Phone: 312-296-8910

Illinois Green Governments Coordinating Council

Illinois - View Map

The Illinois Green Governments Coordinating Council works with state agencies, local governments, and educational institutions to reduce pollution, promote conservation, and improve the sustainability of their operations and policies. Representatives from 14 Illinois state agencies serve on the Council, which was established under Illinois law.

Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP)

233 S. Wacker Drive Suite 800, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 60606 - View Map

Regional planning agency integrating transportation and landuse

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) integrates planning for land use and transportation in the seven counties of northeastern Illinois. Metropolitan Chicago will have an additional 2.8 million residents and 1.8 million jobs by 2040, and CMAP is leading the GO TO 2040 planning campaign to develop and implement strategies for addressing the growth and the implications it will have on quality of life, like transportation, housing, economic development, open space, the environment, and natural resources. For more information, please visit, or email your questions to

Phone: 312.454.0400

1413 E. 79th, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 60619 - View Map

Green, Self-Sustaining, Micro-Villages For Cultural Tourism

Co-authors of Chicagos Underground Railroad Living Heritage Farm & Village, a new, green, jobs-driven, culture-based, development-without-displacement, village-building paradigm for blighted and gentrifying African American communities.

Phone: 773.569.4464

InnerGlow Surfaces

3057 North Rockwell Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 60618 - View Map

Manufacturer of high recycled content countertops

InnerGlow Surfaces manufactures a durable surface product called Gilasi, used for countertops, wall cladding and furniture. Gilasi is composed of a minimum 87% recycled content by weight, the highest in the industry.

Phone: 773.655.0779

Environmental Law & Policy Center

35 East Wacker Drive, Suite 1300, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 15701 - View Map

ELPC leads the Midwest on legal advocacy and business innovation

The Environmental Law & Policy Center is the Midwests leading environmental and economic development organization that works to protect the Midwests environment and natural heritage.

Phone: 312-673-6500

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Hike For Discovery

651 West Washington Blvd., Suite 400, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., 60661 - View Map

Hike the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Rocky Mountains, and Maui

Hike For Discovery is The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's new adventure fundraising program that prepares people, from beginners to seasoned hikers, to experience a natural wonder in a special way. While training to descend into the Grand Canyon, climb Long's Peak Rocky Mountain, conquer Half Dome in Yosemite, or enjoy the gorgeous waterfalls of Maui individuals will raise funds to cure blood cancers. To Learn more about making a personal difference in the fight against blood cancer please visit or call us at 312-651-7350.

Phone: 312-651-7350

1706 West Chicago Ave., Chicago, Illinois, USA, 60617 - View Map

Environmentally inspired art creations for students and familes

Community based art project for the creation of environmenatlly inspired art .The studio welcomes individuals and families to experience the artisitc-creative process while gaining educational insights into environmental issues.

Phone: 312 491-1905

Midwest High Speed Rail Association

4765 N. Lincoln Ave, Suite 205, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 60625 - View Map

Fast Frequent and Dependable Trains Linking Midwest

Midwest High Speed Rail Association is a membership based advocacy group working for a network of fast, frequent and dependable trains linking the entire midwest.

Phone: 773-334-6758

1647 West Fulton Street, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 60612 - View Map

Vision for Green and Sustainable Remodeling

A firm committed to green and sustainable remodeling making a difference in Chicago

Phone: 312-738-2600

New Leaf Interiors

8305 Keystone Avenue, Skokie, Illinois, USA, 60076 - View Map

Environmentally conscious interior design

New Leaf Interiors specializes in environmentally conscious commercial and residential interior design. We are a full service firm which offers space planning,color and lighting consultation, home wellness, feng shui,clutter control and storage assesments, window treatments,custom design of cabinetry,furniture, area rugs,bedding and all aspects of home, office or commercial space.We emphasize sourcing from like minded vendors and craftsmen who are environmentally and socially responsible.

Phone: 847-732-9787

Midwest Permaculture

125 Crescent Lane, Stelle, Illinois, 60919 - View Map

Permaculture Educationclasses, webinars, talks, books

Redesigning our lives as if caring for the planet matters! Permaculture is really about relationship - our relationship as humans to the world around us. Will/do we work with the natural abundance and flows of the world around us, or will/do we ignore these? Working with the sun, the wind, the rain, the soil, and our own human love and ingenuity, will allow us to create sustainable or permanent-cultures, hence the word 'permaculture'. We offer talks, classes, trainings, webinars and books in all aspects of permaculture and in Training for Transition Town Initiatives. Visit us at Booth 1721.

Phone: 815-256-2215

Conscious Living TV

1111 West Chicago Avenue, Suite 3B, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 60642 - View Map

Conscious Living TV is an EMMY award-winning multi-platform news magazine show highlighting the best in sustainable, holistic living. Now in its 6th broadcast year, we cover green travel & design, hot eco-fashion, organic cuisine, natural health, urban sustainability and triple bottom line business--telling the stories that are helping to shape a more just and sustainable world. The show is currently available to millions of viewers worldwide via our online & broadcast TV syndication networks. Our newest platform is currently airing on taxi cab screens in cities across the U.S., including Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Boston.

Phone: 312.243.1561

Climate Cycle

2545 W. Diversey Ave., Chicago, Illinois, U.S., 60647 - View Map

We organize bikeathons to take on climate change.

Climate Cycle organizes bikeathons that raise money and awareness to take on global warming. The money raised goes to purchase solar systems for public schools.

Phone: 872-202-9623

Prairie Onion Cohousing

Chicago, Illinois, USA - View Map

Cooperative, intergenerational green urban community in formation...

Share the green life! Cohousing residents participate in design, and share extensive common facilities and resources, developing strong ties to one another while maintaining the privacy of separate households. Prairie Onion members are creating an intergenerational, cooperative, socially and environmentally responsible community in Chicago.

Phone: 773-854-6879

200 East Roosevelt Road, Lombard, Illinois, USA, 60148 - View Map

National University of Health Sciences

National University of Health Sciences is the nations premier institution for health science education, offering you unparalleled preparation in expanding health care professions such as chiropractic, naturopathic, and oriental medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy, biomedical science, and more.As the leader in chiropractic education since 1906, National is renowned for academic excellence, an outstanding faculty, and innovative educational leadership.National sets the standard in preparation for careers in health care.

Phone: 1-800-826-6285

Washme-Envigreen Corporation

4710 Lincoln Highway, Matteson, Illinois, USA, 60443 - View Map

Environmentally friendly automobile and boat wash

WashMe-EnviGreen has turned the traditional automobile and boat washing business of cleaning, polishing and protecting into an environmentally friendly and convenient mobile wash. WashMe-EnviGreen provides consumers with a time saving, value-added service while you are yachting, golfing, dining and/or sleeping. WashMe-EnviGreen uses a special technique of less than a gallon of low pressure water per wash along with biodegradable and no foam detergents that results in no wastewater.

Phone: 888-473-6065

Marc J. Lane Investment Management, Inc.

180 N. LaSalle St. Ste 2100, Chicago, Illinois, United States, 60601 - View Map

Advocacy Investing - Your Profit. Your Passion. Your Power.

The Advocacy Investing' strategy is Marc J. Lane Investment Management, Inc.'s proprietary approach to values-based investing in which both equities and fixed-income securities are selected by exacting financial and governance standards, as well as criteria reflective of each investor's unique social and environmental concerns. The Advocacy Investing approach meaningfully speaks to one's own values. It is practical, it drives change, and it turns passive assets into active assets.

Phone: 312-372-5000