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Chicago's Alternative Design School

Archeworks is Chicago's Alternative Design School where students apply their professional skills to create innovative, resourceful solutions for social and environmental concerns. Multidisciplinary teams work with community partners on projects that address major 21st century urban challenges. The program emphasizes hands-on, collaborative problem-solving and requires a nine-month, part-time evening commitment. Archeworks also offers a public lecture series and several exciting publications exploring urbanism, socially responsible design, and theory. First application deadline for the 2009-10 program, beginning in September 09, is May 29, 2009.Founded in 1994 on the premise that good design should serve everyone, Archeworks calls for education, recognition, and promotion of creative design for all sections of our society, particularly in the areas where innovation will have the greatest impact - those which are underserved and underfunded. Archeworks students have completed over 40 projects focusing on universal design, sustainability, urban agriculture and ecology, elementary school education, neighborhoods with limited resources, micro-enterprises for women and minorities, and other community-based needs in the urban environment.

BamLoc Floating Bamboo Floor

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"Mr. Bamboo, Inc., an Illinois-based bamboo manufacturer, is introducing BamLoc' strand-woven 'click' or 'floating' bamboo flooring for green and eco-friendly homes.The sustainability, durability, and natural beauty of strand woven bamboo flooring make it a popular choice for homeowners, designers, homeowners, builders and remodelers. Strand woven bamboo with high density and superior durability is perfect for recreation rooms, family rooms, bedrooms and other heavy traffic areas. BamLoc' is ideal for condominiums and spaces with subfloor environments like basements and lower levels. Features' BamLoc' comes in random lengths of 2', 4', and 6' sections that are 5 1/8' wide and 7/16' thick creating interesting and versatile flooring design. ' Mr. Bamboo offers BamLoc' in two colorsthe natural bamboo color and the caramelized or coffee color.' No VOCs - Formaldehyde-free adhesive used in the lamination process that conforms to the European E1 standards. This is even more rigid than the United States standards for such product. ' The flooring is coated with a ceramic sealer finish that is water-based, solvent-free and non-off gassing.Strength and Durability at Highest Level of TestingDurability and stability needn't be a worry for homeowners as bamboo flooring is 100% harder than red oak and 80% harder than maple. Bamboo does not shrink or swell like most hardwoods. Strand woven bamboo, is much harder than conventional bamboo flooring and generally considered appropriate for commercial and other high-traffic areas. BamLoc' comes in random lengths of 2', 4', and 6' sections that are 5 1/8' wide and 7/16' thick creating interesting and versatile flooring design. It is easy to install and proficient do it yourselfers can lay a floor out in a weekend. Mr. Bamboo does offer installation of BamLoc' with an experienced crew of installers. Each BamLoc' carton holds comes in 20.4 square feet of product, so a family room of 15' x18' would need approximately 14 boxes of BamLoc'. Although many of the characteristics of bamboo are similar to those of hardwoods, bamboo is not a wood. It is classified as a grass and is much stronger than hardwoods. Unlike typical trees, bamboo takes much less time to grow and is environmentally friendly. There are hundreds of bamboo species that grow almost everywhere in the world. Mr. Bamboo harvests the larger bamboo species called ""Moso"" in an area where it grows and regenerates naturally. Bamboo is a very stable material for flooring, because it absorbs less moisture and does not shrink or swell as much as other hardwood material. "

A Fresh Squeeze

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A Fresh Squeeze: Green living in Chicago

A Fresh Squeeze is Chicagoland's one-stop resource for sustainable living. Learn from our local, green gurus. Save over $5,000 among 50 local merchants and businesses with our Chicago Squeeze Card. Live local, healthy and green!

Pacifica Furniture Company

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Makers of sustainable and eco-friendly furniture

We make furniture from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.

Baby Blend Tees

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Hip organic tees for infants, toddlers, and big kids too!

Baby Blend Tees are hip, unique, organic cotton t-shirts and onesies for babies, toddlers, and youth up to size 12! They are good for the earth, good for your kids, and good for a smile.

Illinois Renewable Energy Association (IREA)

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IREA provides renewable energy and sustainability education

IREA supports sustainable energy development in Illinois and provides hands-on opportunities for the Illinois public to learn about the benefits, potentials, and uses of renewable energy and energy-efficiency for homes and businesses.IREA hosts the annual Illinois Renewable Energy and Sustainable Lifestyle Fair. It is a 501(c)(3) organization.

7115 W. North Ave. #504, Oak Park, IL, USA, 60302 - View Map's mission is to expand the production, marketing, and distribution of locally grown and responsibly produced food, in order to enhance the social, economic, and environmental health of our communities. In Chicago we partner with institutions including the Chicago Public Schools, Midway and O'Hare Airports, and McCormick Place to source local and responsibly produced food for their foodservice programs. Nationally, we train small and mid-size produce farmers in food safety through our Wholesale Success Trainings.  We also produce the Good Food Festival & Conference every March in Chicago, bringing the local Good Food community together to learn, connect, and of course, eat Good Food!

Phone: 708.763.9920

4Legs Pet Products Inc.

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Complete dog&cat supply and adoption resource center

Complete dog&cat supply and adoption resource center. For seven years we have educated pet guardians on quality foods,holistic remedies, and adoption options.

A Cooler Planet

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Everything from morning to night for eco living.

A Cooler Planet, Inc. is an eco-lifestyle store that brings together information, education and products that help people make simple choices to benefit their families and communities and our planet. Through the luxurious, practical and fun goods we sell, we support manufacturers committed to providing sustainable, fairly traded, local, organic, renewable, recycled and eco-conscious products. We continually strive to educate ourselves. We hope our commitment and enthusiasm for supporting a healthy life and planet will be contagious.

Chicago WILDERNESS Magazine

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Quarterly magazine covering local nature & preservation.

Chicago WILDERNESS is a quarterly magazine that celebrates the rich natural heritage of the Chicago region and tells the inspiring stories of the people and organizations working to heal and protect local nature.

I-GO Car Sharing

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Access to hundreds of eco-friendly cars in Chicago & suburbs.

Join I-GO Car Sharing and get hourly access to hundreds of low-emission vehicles including plug-in hybrids and all electric vehicles located in over 35 Chicago neighborhoods and 5 suburbs including Evanston and Oak Park. I-GO introduced car sharing to Chicago back in 2002 and is Chicago's only local, non-profit car sharing company. Visit or call 773-278-4446 to learn more. Remember to visit the I-GO booth for special membership discounts!

Illinois Green Pastures Fiber Co-Op

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Sustainable, All Natural Fiber Products from Local Farms

The Illinois Green Pastures Fiber Co-Op, formed in July 2006, is an enthusiastic group of fiber producers working together to market their products. With nearly thirty local farms and growing, they feature all natural, humanely-raised fibers, rovings, yarns, mattress covers, pillows and gift items. Their products are marketed through their website and at Esther's Place in Big Rock, Illinois. Esther's Place also offers retreats, classes and parties in knitting, felting, dyeing, spinning weaving, sustainable farming and organic cooking in their Victorian home. Laugh, linger and be inspired with the best natural fiber in Illinois and a fiber arts community at Esther's Place!

The Social Equity Group

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Your friendly, neighborhood investment advisors

Experienced, patient, friendly and accessible advice and strategies to fit your circumstances. Focus on aligning your financial objectives with your social values in a clear and transparent manner. New and seasoned investors welcome.


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Gluten Content Testing in Booth

G-Free-V is an Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free food company that is hopelessly focused on Taste. Brands include: The Balanced Kitchen - ResturantVegan by Nature - Wholesale Brandthe Bot Bakery - Cookies, Candies, Cakes

Barefoot Books

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books, CDs and gifts that are thoughtfully written

We offer books, CDs and gifts that are thoughtfully written, beautifully designed and illustrated, and have high educational value. They are lots of fun and they are designed to last, but above all, they are meant to be shared and enjoyed.

Illinois Green Governments Coordinating Council

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The Illinois Green Governments Coordinating Council works with state agencies, local governments, and educational institutions to reduce pollution, promote conservation, and improve the sustainability of their operations and policies. Representatives from 14 Illinois state agencies serve on the Council, which was established under Illinois law.

Distant Village Packaging

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Sustainable Packaging for Specialty Products

Sustainable specialty packaging: boxes, bags, and baskets.We combine expert design and unique hand-made materials to deliver eye-catching packaging so your product image rises above your competition. We'll make your custom packaging from 1,000 to 100,000 pieces.