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Big Tree Organic Farms

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A grower owned cooperative selling organic almonds.

Big Tree Organic Farms is a grower owned marketing cooperative, processing and selling Certified Organic almonds from family farms throughout California. Founded in 1998, and now serving 31 owners farming nearly 2000 acres, Big Tree Organic Farms is one of the largest organic handlers in the country. Big Tree Organic Farms proudly sells their high quality almonds worldwide.

Phone: 209-669-3678

Hey Honey! Artisanal Lemonade

Turlock, California, United States - View Map

Sweetened 100% with honey & hand crafted with family!

Hey Honey! Artisanal Lemonades are 100% sweetened with California Wildflower honey, made with wholesome organic juices and herb extracts!

A family crafted lemonade, starting as a mother and daughter team, intent on creating a honey-sweetened lemonade without artificial ingredients, preservatives or added sugars.

With every batch, Hey Honey! remains as honest as our intentions. Handcrafted with appreciation, our lemonade represents our values as a family to do everything we can to support organic farmers and honey bees that support us!

Every time you open a bottle and take that first long sip, you will inevitably relax into a slow smile and a deep sigh, because you have just experienced a lemonade nourishing to your body and flavorful to your taste buds!

Enjoy our delightful Hey Honey!, warm it up, ice it down or mix it with your favorite spirit, it's a versitile lemonade you'll be reaching for year-round!

Phone: 831.594.5638