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Rainforest Native

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Eco artisan seed jewelry from the Amazon Rainforest

Ecologically sustainable fair trade artisan jewelry from the rainforests of South America. Hand crafted jewels made from Amazon seeds and fibers.

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JPS Global Investments

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Sustainable Investing: A Green Path to Wealth

JPS Global Investments is an independent investment advisory firm, serving individual and institutional clients. Guided by our sustainable investing approach, we search for financially attractive investments that also meet environmental and social stewardship standards.

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Rainforest Native LLC

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Ecologically Sustainable Seed Jewelry made by Indigenous People

Fair Trade Eco Fashion jewelry made from Rainforest Seeds.

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Mission Playground

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Eco-Friendly clothing & accesories for men, women & kids

The earth is our playground; our mission is to preserve it. This philosophy underlies the company's operations, from design to production to distribution. Through its S.E.E.D. (Sustainable Environment & Educational Development) program, Mission Playground sets aside one percent of all sales for non-profit organizations that share the same passion for protecting the environment. Clothing and accessories can be purchased online or ask for them at your local outdoor and organic lifestyle retailers across the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan. For more information about Mission Playground, please visit

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Donate used supplies - benefit schools and kids

Over 3.5 million of America's teachers spend an average of $500 of their own personal income every single year to purchase critical teaching resources for their classrooms. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping all preK-12 teachers regardless of socioeconomic, demographic or geographic limitations.Our unique Internet-based solution partners teachers and schools with donors of new and used supplies to ensure all kids receive the resources they need to learn and grow. Because, landfills don't need pencils, computers and crayons, but America's teachers and kids do!

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Textura Handknits

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Fairly traded hand-knit apparel from Uruguay.

Textura offers handmade knits from Uruguay to consumers who value both high-quality design and fair compensation. Our curated collection has been crafted by a diverse group of women, including rural knitters, seasoned weavers and emerging urban designers. Textura aims to preserve an ancient craft, promote economic and social development, and offer you, the consumer, modern knits that are both beautiful and practical.

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Eco-fashion handbags and accessories

REVEAL is a new line of eco-fashion handbags and accessories. REVEALs collection of eco-friendly handbags, wallets and jewelry for women and men are made with vegan, cruelty-free sustainable materials. REVEALs products are fashion-forward and better for the planet.The brand is all about revealing how their products are made to empower fashion-forward women and men to make better choices. REVEALs packaging concept is similar to a nutrition label and points out each fabric and explains its environmental benefit. REVEAL thoughtfully incorporates only the best recycled, organic and sustainable materials such as jute, recycled polyester and vegan leather to create stylish, quality products that make a positive impact on our planet.

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San Diego Zoo Global

P.O. Box 120551, San Diego, CA, USA, 92112-0551 - View Map

Uniting a worldwide community to save wildlife.

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Organic Oscar

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Organic, all-natural, eco-friendly pet products

Organic Oscar was founded by concerned petparent, Marie Svet, who wanted to provide thebest organic, all-natural care for her dog’ssensitive skin. Seeking to give her pups thesame healthy treatment that she would giveany other member of her family, Marie wasunable to find an effective dog shampoo. Fromthat desire, Organic Oscar was born.Organic Oscar’s high quality, all-natural, organic,and biodegradable shampoos and conditionerssupport a healthy and holistic lifestyle for dogs.

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