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OrbElement International

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Organic Ionic Micro-Adsorption Water Filtratrion Technology

OrbElement offers the most advanced "Green" Micro Water Filters in the world. Our Organic patented Ionic-Adsorption Micro-Water Filters allow fresh clean water from any source, anywhere in the world. Eliminate the consumption of traditional bottled water products and services. We offer Re-Usable #4 LDPE Fully Recyclable Bottles as well as Stainless Bottles. Each one of our Filters are capable of producing 100-400 Gallons of Clean Fresh Water. In addition to offering a "Green" solution to portable personal hydration, the Cost Savings is tremendous. One of our filtered bottles will save the average person $750 to $1000 per year, and Consume Healthier Water. One of our Filtered Bottles will help eliminate 757 1/2 Liter Bottles from entering into our Landfills and Oceans.

Phone: 415 794-3070

Eco Skin Care

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Natural Sunscreen from Australia, Reef Friendly and Biodegradable

Phone: (949) 218-2665