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EcoHaul, Inc.X

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Everyone's favorite green hauling company!

EcoHaul continues to set the standard for socially and environmentally responsible waste removal and disposal solutions. Specializing in reuse, recycling, and donation, EcoHaul serves residential and commercial customers by providing enthusiastic, high quality customer service that is cost effective and efficient. No other removal and hauling company diverts more of their customers' material from our landfills -- plus, EcoHaul is powered by Biodiesel!

"Once again, thank you for being so generous with your time, support, and supplies. You truly made the visitor experience to Hotspot memorable." - Cat Aboudara, California Academy of Sciences

"Special thanks for figuring out recycling and reuse options for your clients. Great work!!!" - Karina Chilcott, Eco-Desk Sonoma County Waste Management Agency

"Jason and partner did a great job yesterday. They are to be commended for their efficiency and friendly service." Jerry L, Antioch, CA

EcoHaul, Inc. 1-800-ECOHAUL

Phone: 1-800-ECOHAUL (1-800-326-4285)

Benedetta "Fresh" Aromatherapeutics

122 Kentucky St., Petaluma, Ca, USA, 94952 - View Map

Holistic Organic Skin Care - Handcrafted Petaluma,Ca

Since 1996 Benedetta has been committed to growing an Ecological, Sustainable business. Offering authentic, vibrant, preparations, handcrafted in small batches, using Certified Organic and Biodynamic ingredients, many locally farmed

Phone: 888-868-8331

AURO Natural Paints and Finishes

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Organic Paints and Finishes

AURO has produced natural paints and finishes withrespect to the earth and human health for over 30 years.Each product is made with organic ingredients fromsustainable plant and mineral sources, and without the use of petrochemicals or chemical preservatives. A full-disclosure ingredient listing is on every label.AURO natural paints and finishes are durable, easy to use, and safe. Their superior performance is ideal for bothprofessional and home use.AUROs strict ecological criteria, and commitment to the earth and human health, has made it the most respected name for natural paints and finishes around the world.

Phone: 888.302.9352

U.S. Green Building Council -- Redwood Empire Chapter

145 Keller Street, Petaluma, CA, US, 94952 - View Map

Green building workshops, trainings, advocacy, and community.

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is a non-profit organization composed of leaders from across the building industry working to advance buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy places to live and work. USGBC promotes a vision of buildings and communities that will regenerate and sustain the health and vitality of all life within a generation. The Redwood Empire Chapter offers workshops and trainings in sustainable building taught by experienced green building practitioners.

Phone: 707-545-1476

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Degree Programs in Psychology, Business, Education and the Arts.

Meridian University offers degree programs that educate students to engage the professions of Psychology, Business, Education, and the Arts in creative and transformative ways. These degree programs provide a cumulative, emergent, and integrated curriculum, empowering the students transformation both personally and professionally.Meridian offers its Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral programs in two formats: 1) Monthly learning format; and 2) Blended learning format. Both the Monthly and Blended learning formats support the transformative learning intent of the curriculum while providing learners, who have commitments to family and/or employment, with the opportunity to complete their coursework within a reasonable time frame.

Phone: 707.765.1836

Lydia's Lovin' Foods

1372 North McDowell Blvd, Suite C, Petaluma, CA, USA, 94954 - View Map

Organic, GF, Cooked Crepes & Burgers, Raw Foods, Desserts, Drinks

Phone: (707) 765-5200

Happy's Greenhouse

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Green Play & Learning Toys with a Healthy Food Twist

Phone: 707 765 1789

Three Twins Ice Cream

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Inconceivably delicious organic ice cream

Three Twins ice cream is an inconceivably delicious organic brand. We source our dairy from organic farms within 17 miles of our factory. Our goal is to make organic stuff accessible, while mitigating our negative environmental impact with contributions to environmental non-profits. Three Twins Ice Cream is available in 33 states.

Phone: 707-489-7021

Lydia's Organics

1372 North McDowell Blvd, Suite C, Petaluma, CA, USA, 94954 - View Map

Organic, Gluten-Free, Cooked & Raw, Vegan-Local Fresh Fare!

Let us recharge you for more at leading-edge lifestyle festivals that celebrate the latest trends in health, music, arts, ecology, and spirituality.

Come out! Say Hello! Enjoy some amazing fresh, organic, vegan, raw and cooked foods under the familiar purple banner that is recognizable at more than 30 events along the West Coast.

At some of the most creative, inspiring and joyful celebrations, festival-goers crowd around Lydia's Lovin' Foods booths, excited to indulge in real, organic and nourishing food.

Enjoy a cool festival with true nourishment and much needed shade, on us! We love seeing your bright, friendly faces!

We offer a convenient way to include more fresh, raw, unprocessed and nutritiously-potent foods in your diet, fit your festical needs!

Lydia Kindheart's 20 years of personal use, consultations and refinement of raw foods recipes are lovingly manifested in all Lydia's Organics products. We combine sprouted grains, seeds and nuts, along with fruits, vegetable, herbs and seaweeds with the utmost care for the preservation of the living vitality and nutrition of these ingredients.

Phone: (707) 765-9200