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Numi Organic Tea

PO Box 20420, Oakland, California, 94620 - View Map

Numi Organic Tea blends premium organic teas and herbs with only 100% real ingredients, allowing nature to speak for itself. As a pioneering, quadruple-bottom line company (people, planet, product, profit), Numi sources directly from fair labor gardens offering better opportunities for farmers and their families. Numi Organic Tea is a company committed to reducing its impact on the planet through ecologically responsible choices in sourcing, production and recycled and non-GMO packaging.">

Phone: 888.404.NUMI

Bay Area Green Business Program

P. O. Box 2050, Oakland, CA, USA, 94604 - View Map

Assists / recognizes Bay Area businesses that achieve environment...

The Green Business Program assists, recognizes and promotes Bay Area businesses that meet our environmental standards. Our partnership of public agencies and utilities has helped over 730 businesses comply with environmental laws and take extra steps to conserve resources, prevent pollution, and reduce waste. Visit our website for complete listings. Shop Green!

Phone: 510/464-7961

EcoMetro Guide

405 14th St, Suite 1012, Oakland, CA, USA, 94612 - View Map

attractions in their community. EcoMetro Guide functions as a resource book, as well as a coupon book for enjoying the best of what's green and local in the neighborhood.Celilo Group Media publishes EcoMetro Guide in the East Bay and Silicon Valley/Santa Cruz, CA and Denver, CO; Chinook Book in Portland and Seattle/Puget Sound and Blue Sky Guide in Minneapolis/St Paul. The guide has been very well received and enjoyed participation from many cities, organizations and over 300 local businesses with a renewal rate of over 80% from our business partners. The guides feature a resource section with useful tips and information on topics spanning energy conservation, recycling and selecting organic foods. This section also includes neighborhood maps highlighting many coupon vendors. The other half of the book contains about 300 coupons covering the following categories: grocery, dining, entertainment and family, yard and garden, travel and recreation and home.EcoMetro Guides are distributed through natural food stores, neighborhood cafes, bookstores and gift shops and through fundraisers in local schools, churches and community organizations. Our guides are sold for $20 and offer organizations a very targeted audience of readers who adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Phone: 510-550-8280

Build It Green (CA)

160 Franklin St., Oakland, CA, USA, 94607 - View Map

a non-profit organization promoting green building

Build It Green is a membership-supported Bay Area nonprofit established in 2005. Our organization works with building and real estate professionals, local and state governments, and homeowners to increase awareness and adoption of green building practices. Our mission is to promote healthy, energy- and resource-efficient building practices in California through outreach and education.

Phone: 510-390-3360

Jenny Hurth

6535 Tremont st., Oakland, CA, United States, 94609 - View Map

Bags made locally from reclaimed vinyl banners

Bags & other accessories made from reclaimed vinyl banners.

Phone: (510) 653-1072

Blue Sky Hauling, Inc.

P.O. Box 7031, Oakland, CA, Alameda, 94601 - View Map

Specializing in Home, Office and Warehouse Clean-Outs

Specializing in Home, Office, Yard, and Warehouse Clean-Outs. We Reuse, Recycle, and Donate unwanted items and materials. We mail you a tax deductable receipt. Our trucks run on Biodiesel!Mission StatementTo redefine the hauling industry by making environmental responsibility a priority through landfill diversion methods including reuse and recycling of items and materials beyond what is normally expected. To work together with other socially responsible for-profit, non-profit, and government agencies, including public charities, schools, and other departments to connect underserved populations with needed items and materials locally, nationally, and globally.

Phone: 1-888-896-2583

Desert Survivors

P.O. Box 21143, Oakland, CA, USA, 94620-1143 - View Map

Experience, Share, Protect

Desert Survivors is a non-profit organization dedicated to desert conservation and exploration. Our members enjoy hiking in, and learning about, America's desert lands, and seek to protect those areas for future generations.

Phone: 510-769-1706

674 A 23RD ST, OAKLAND, ca, us, 94612 - View Map

Anarchist collective book publisher and distributor

Our goal is to make available radical books and other materials, titles that are published by independent presses, not the corporate giants, titles with which you can make a positive change in the world.

Phone: 510-208-1700

580 2nd St., Ste 265, Oakland, CA, US, 94607 - View Map &

Local Food Resources and Policy Action

Buy Fresh Buy Local is bringing local food resources onto eaters plates by offering Local Food Guides and other resources such as restaurants, retailers and others supporting our local farmers. Pick up your copy of the guide and while you're at it, sign the Food Declaration by The Roots of Change! They're working to change the priorities and agenda for food in this country to one that is more sustainable and connected to what we value most, local and sustainable food produced by family farmers.

Phone: (510) 832-4625

520 Third St. #201, Oakland, Ca, 94546 - View Map

At the Camejo Group, we've been practicing Environmental and Socially Responsible Investing for over twenty years.Today Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is more relevant than ever. Global climate change, the approaching peak in oil production, corporate corruption, and the increasing gap between the rich and poor are just a few of the factors giving rise to a new ethics in investing.We believe that SRI can provide a real force for global change. By taking advantage of investment screening efforts, social investors are using their ownership in public companies to help promote economic, social and environmental change.If you would like to work with a financial advisor who can help you invest for both social progress and financial return, look no further than the Camejo Group.

Phone: 800-471-7244

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It's like for the contracting industry.

Helping Bay Area homeowners find the best pre-screened contractors for any type of home remodel project. From low VOC paints to energy star windows and even renewable energy, we have guys for everything.

Phone: 510-834-4060

The Cloth Body

6547 Whitney St, Oakland, ca, usa, 94609 - View Map

local sweatshop free, organic and salvaged clothing

Organic cotton, hemp, salvaged, street, yoga, dance, retreat, locally hand built clothing designed to fit real bodies and enhance movement. Come try on these beautiful clothes!

New Village Press

P.O. Box 3049, Oakland, CA, United States, 94609 - View Map

Publisher of books about grassroots community building

New Village Press is a public-benefit publisher specializing in works about community building on the grassroots level. Our books address topics such as urban ecology, community-based arts, restorative justice, green schoolyards and community gardens. New Village crosses boundaries between academic and informal education with titles that engage both professionals and community activists working together to rebuild neighborhoods. Most significantly, our books go beyond abstract policy and present the human story the motivations that stir the soul to make a certain part of the world a better place to live. Authors include neighborhood commons activist Karl Linn, community cultural development scholar Arlene Goldbard, and award-winning cartoonist Keith Knight. New Village Press was recognized as the Best Small Publisher in the East Bay, 2006, by East Bay Express. The Press is the publishing arm of Architects/ Designers/ Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR), an educational non-profit organization working since 1982 for peace, environmental protection, social justice and the development of healthy communities.

Phone: 510-420-1361

ACE :: Alliance for Climate Education

360 22nd Street, Suite 730, Oakland, CA, USA, 94116 - View Map

climate change education in high schools

Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) delivers in-person, science-based, multimedia presentations on the science behind climate change, in order to educate, inspire, and empower high school students to take action. Teachers and students give our presentations rave reviews'check out our buzz here. ACE presentations are free for schools and available in assembly or classroom formats (45-60 minutes). We are currently in the Bay Area, Sacramento/Sierra Nevada, LA, New England, greater Boston, Houston and Chicago metropolitan areas.After the assembly, ACE helps students take action by creating Action Teams at their schools, grants, scholarships, activist toolkits, online communities and more. Please visit our website, view our trailer presentation, and sign up to bring ACE to your school today. Contact Sam McKelvie or call 510.251.5990 to book a presentation.

Phone: 510.251.5987

Back to the Roots

2935 Adeline Street, Oakland, CA, USA, 94608 - View Map

Grow Oyster mushrooms in as little as 10 days!

At Back to the Roots we make grow it at home oyster mushroom gardens that are growing off of used coffee grounds. The kit is easy to use and fun for the whole family. Our oyster mushrooms are delicious and you get your first crop in just about 10 days!

Phone: 1 510 922-9758

1500 Broadway Suite 400, Oakland, CA, USA, 94612 - View Map

Fair Trade Certification, Education and Promotion.

TransFair USA, a non-profit organization, is the only independent, third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the U.S. TransFair's rigorous audit system verifies industry compliance with Fair Trade criteria. TransFair licenses over 600 U.S. companies to display the Fair Trade Certified label on agricultural products that meet strict international Fair Trade standards. TransFair is one of 23 members of Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO).TransFair USA enables sustainable development and community empowerment by cultivating a more equitable global trade model that benefits farmers, workers, consumers, industry and the earth. We achieve our mission by certifying and promoting Fair Trade products.

Phone: 510-663-5260


66 Franklin St. #310, Oakland, CA, United States, 94607 - View Map

Simple, Affordable Home Solar with No Deposit

Phone: 510 496 5500

The Weekend Store

1015 57th Street B, Oakland, CA, USA, 94608 - View Map

Recycled vintage typewriter key jewelry!

Bay Area designer Adjowah Brodie creates recycled vintage jewelry with keys from discarded typewriters, antique watch parts, bottlecaps, sheet music and other ephemera. Classic, understated design with a steampunk edge best characterizes The Weekend Store's thoughtfully handmade collection of one of a kind pendants, rings, bracelets and cufflinks.

Phone: 415 710 4726

Plant It Water

94 Monte Cresta Ave., Suite D, Oakland, CA, USA, 94611 - View Map

Water in eco-friendly packaging and a tree planted for each carto...

We put Natural Spring water in eco-friendly packaging - an alternative to PET plastic! We are giving to 2 non-profits from each sale: planting a tree through Trees for the Future and a donation to A Single Drop helps people in developing countries learn how to get safe and clean water through low impact solutions.

Phone: 877-9-PLANT-IT

Alive & Radiant Foods/Kaia Foods

2921 Adeline St., Oakland, California, United States, 94608 - View Map

Dehydrated,gluten-free and vegan kale and veggie crunch snacks.

Our founder, Blessing, has been making raw snacks for over twelve years. We take organic vegetables, fruits, and nuts, and craft them into satisfying snacks through a combination of wizardry and low-temperature dehydration. Stop by to try the original Quite Cheezy Kale Krunch and our new Veggie Krunch snacks.

Phone: 5102380128