City: Milwaukee

Rebel Green, LLC

270 E. Highland Ave., Milwaukee, WI, USA, 53217 - View Map

Eco Friendly lifestyle company. Products USA made.

Eco friendly lifestyle company. Rebel Green creates edgy, stylish reusable bags and apparel out of organic sustainable materials. All of our products are made in the USA. Rebel Green also makes Fruit and Veggie Clean in a gorgeous bottle with counter appeal.

Phone: 414.687.5422

Eco Hatchery

4230 N. Oakland Ave., #115, Milwaukee, WI, USA, 53211 - View Map

Eco Kits to save energy and the environment

Eco Hatchery is hatching green homes by providing homeowners with essential tools for conserving energy & water, lowering utility bills, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions that lead to global warming. Based in Milwaukee, WI, the company offers Eco Kits with energy-saving products and online tools for tracking savings online and creating personalized roadmaps with recommended actions. The Eco Kits make terrific gifts for family and friends, and are also a great way to fully engage employees and clients in a company's environmental sustainability efforts.

Phone: 414-332-8347

Greener Earth Tech,Inc

2804A S. K.K. Ave., Milwaukee, wisconsin, usa, 53207 - View Map

Az41 Organic Foliar Fertilizer and Quantum Science

Organic foliar fertilizer, made from aloe vera,tea tree bark and Citrus peel (di-lemonene). It has Marco and mirco nutrients, Vitamins and nutrichemicals like saponin, lignin, amino acids, polysaccharides and enzymes to aid in the prevention of disease. It has Natural Pesticidal and fugicidal properties. Quantum Science spa productsQuantum water filters w/recyclable filter, for less waste, quantum spa, quantum flask, Quantum watches, Bracelet,and Pendant. all enhanced with scalar energy for increased energy with other health benefits. A HEALTHY EARTH AND YOU!

Phone: 4149753120

Helios Solar Works

1207 W. Canal St, Milwaukee, WI, USA, 53233 - View Map

Milwaukee based solar panel manufacturer

Helios Solar Works builds solar panels in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. We make high-quality, high-efficiency solar panels for residential, commercial and utility installations. Clean, smart solar electricity from a local company, what could be better? We also give plant tours.

Phone: 877.443.5467

Green Gardens To Go

1500 W. Clayton Crest Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 53221 - View Map

coco fiber, black worm castings, worm factories

Green Gardens To Go is a eco-friendly business. Organic gardening supplies are our main emphasis with products such as coco fiber, pure black worm castings and worm factories. We also carry organic linens, bamboo furniture and handmade items from Bali. Visit our website and you will find pages on recycling and even a page of fun activities for kids.

Phone: 414-421-0749

Rishi Tea

427 E Stewart St., 3rd Fl, Milwaukee, WI, USA, 53207 - View Map

Award-winning Organic & Fair Trade tea

Rishi Tea is a true garden-direct importer of artisan loose leaf teas, botanicals and teaware. With an emphasis on environmentally conscious sustainable agriculture, Rishi Tea is the market leader for Organic and Fair Trade Certified tea. Winner of 11 First Place awards at the 2009 World Tea Championship. Proudly introducing new Taste of Origin gift sets, presented in a beautiful hand-woven box made of renewable bamboo with tea from the Mannong Manmai Organic Fair Trade project in Yunnan, China.

Phone: 414-747-4001

452 N. 41st St., Milwaukee, WI, USA, 53208 - View Map

Values-minded Midwest editorial/commercial photographer

Troy is an editorial/commercial photographer from Milwaukee, WI. Troy runs his business with green values in mind--from recycling and composting, to utilizing green utilities and a green web host. He serves a variety of commercial and editorial clients and always treats his subjects with the utmost respect.

Phone: 414-405-7723