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Terra Futura

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Terra Futura is the main italian fair-meeting inaugurated for the...

Terra Futura is the main Italian fair-meeting inaugurated for the common goal to guarantee a future for our planetand to achieve it together. Terra Futura's cornerstones are the tasks and the 'good practices' of social, economic and environmental sustainability, carried out in all fields, from daily life to social relations, from the economic system to the public administration. Terra Futura takes place, since 2004, in Florence (Tuscany) and it is getting bigger and more articulate every year: it is organized in an exhibition area and a very high level program of cultural initiatives, meetings, seminars, workshop; and also laboratories and shows.In 2009 Terra Futura and Green Festival signed a memorandum of understandings to collaborate and shows to their public the best practices of each events. This year Terra Futura presents in San Francisco, Banca Etica (a bank where savers, driven by the common desire of a more transparent and responsible management of financial resources, may meet socio-economic initiatives, inspired by the values of a sustainable social and human development), Tuscany Region (this local government is the most active in Italy on the goal to favorite a sustainable development particularly on tourism and agriculture) Novamont and Ecozema (biodegradable and compostable bio-plastic), Wip (natural disposables for hygiene and personal care), (social network on sustainability), Sisifo Italia, social communication agency.

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United Republic

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Democracy is not for sale

United Republic is a new organization fighting the corrupting influence of well-financed special interests over American politics and government. We welcome the energy and creativity of citizens of all stripes – progressive, conservative and independent – who envision a nation where the needs and ideas of the many aren’t drowned out by the influence of the wealthy few.

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