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The Social Equity Group

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Your friendly, neighborhood investment advisors

Experienced, patient, friendly and accessible advice and strategies to fit your circumstances. Focus on aligning your financial objectives with your social values in a clear and transparent manner. New and seasoned investors welcome.

Phone: 800-743-9742

Solidarity Clothing

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Fair trade clothing from sewing cooperatives in Bolivia

Solidarity Clothing is a fair trade program for the benefit of sewing cooperative workers in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Our products are cotton polo shirts with embroidered logos. By ordering uniforms from Solidarity Clothing, organizations can show their commitment to ethical business and help alleviate poverty in our communities.

Phone: 847-328-7748

Foundation for Global Harmony, USA -- Chicago

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Buy a heart lotto ticket; make kids smile!

The Foundation for Global Harmony, U.S.A. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization formed to expand world peace and transformation of consciousness through direct action and performing international works of compassion. The foundation operates under the direction of His Holiness Gayuna Cealo.

Phone: 847-866-6668

Healthy Green Goods

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Toxin-free, eco-friendly household goods, mattresses & clothing

Go beyond green to healthy and green! We offer toxin-free, eco-friendly products for everyday living. From books and candles to infant clothing to bedding, mattresses, furniture, paint and carpet and more!

Phone: 847-864-9098

Green Homes, LLC

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Green Homes provides customized in-home eco-audits.

Green Homes performs in-home (or office) eco-audits. We analyze each room of our client's home as well as their yard, car and lifestyle choices to determine their environmental impact. We then provide a detailed report offering practical steps the client can take to save energy, save money and live in a more sustainable manner.

Phone: 847-977-1527

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Dedicated to clean, fair, and transparent elections

The Illinois Ballot Integrity Project is a not-for-profit, non-partisan civic organization dedicated to the correction of election system deficiencies and to ensuring fair, accurate, and completely transparent elections.

Phone: 630 357 0744

Green Bag Lunch

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Delivering healthy, eco-friendly lunches to schools & camps

Green Bag Lunch makes and delivers healthy, eco-friendly lunches to schools & camps in the Chicago area. Using organic produce & dairy, natural meats, and all compostible packaging, Green Bag Lunch is truly Chicago's premier green lunch service. Green Bag Lunch was started in April of 2007 by two passionate parents who believed there was a better way to feed lunch to school children. Anne Weber & Dave Feinberg knew they could make it easier for parents to give their children healthy, great-tasting lunches, while also setting an eco-friendly example.Two years and thousands of lunches later, Green Bag Lunch has blossomed into a company that serves 25 schools and several summer camps. In their third year, Green Bag Lunch looks to expand to "grown-up" lunches for delivery in the Chicago area. Please visit us at booth #304 or at

Phone: 847.471.8866

Nathan Kipnis Architects, Inc.

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One of Chicago's premier green architectural practices

Nathan Kipnis Architects, Inc. (NKAI) is recognized as one of Chicago's premier green and sustainable architectural practices. Complimenting a reputation for excellence in design, NKAI specializes in energy conscious and environmentally responsive designs for both residential and commercial applications. A particular expertise is the architectural integration of passive solar and other climatic design solutions with appropriate systems technology.NKAI also specializes in the architectural design for sustainable vacation homes, as well as for additions, renovations and restorations of historic homes and other significant projects along the North Shore.

Phone: 847 864-9650

Wild Stones

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Products from patterns designed by ancient Earth.

Wild Stones was founded as part of an artistic project to document the world's oldest rock and mineral sites. We were deeply affected by the power and beauty of these ancient sites, some dating back 4 billion years, and by the stones' striking, sinuous patterns, which we captured in our photographs. In partnership with Holy Cow Company, we have transferred our images to fabrics to create the Wrapped in Earth clothing line. We want to share with others the feeling of being nurtured and protected by ancient Earth, especially during these turbulent times. We also offer print products, including a book project, Echoes of Earth, to be published as a limited first edition. Our future plans include a line of children's clothing as well as linens, wall hangings, and other products. A portion of each sale goes toward supporting efforts to preserve and protect these ancient sites from mining and commercial exploitation. Wild Stones ". . . been around for over 4 billion years . . . " L. Sue Baugh and Lynn Martinelli

Phone: 847-328-0243

Harmony Haus

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Environmentally friendly residential and commercial painting serv...

Harmony Haus specializes in environmentally conscious painting services for residential and commercial spaces as well as faux finishing, custom murals and natural plaster applications. Health, environment and sustainability are given top priority in every aspect of business from what and where materials are purchased, to transportation, application practices, clean up, disposal methods and more.

Phone: 773.677.6465

The Land Connection

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The Land Connection

The Land Connection is a 501(c)3 educational non-profit organization that envisions community-based food systems in the Midwest, in which every farmer has the opportunity to grow food in a sustainable manner, and every person has the choice to enjoy local and organic foods. The Land Connection's mission is to work to establish successful farmers on healthy farmland, ensuring an abundance of delicious, local, and organic foods.

Phone: 847-570-0701

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Chicago Area MoveOn Councils: Grassroots Progressive Organization...

MoveOn's local Councils in the Chicagoland area work through petitioning, personal contact, rallies, letter writing and education. We are devoted to bettering the nation -- that includes the environment, our government, the economy, health care, the Supreme Court and promoting a peaceful world. Some 190,000 people belong to MoveOn in Illinois. There are eight active councils.

Phone: 312-927-6691