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Om Gym

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Suspension Yoga, Bodyweight Training, Therapeutics. Eco-Fitness.

Turn your world around with free play at the green Festival! The New OmGym Inversion Therapy and Aerial Yoga Sling has been known to eliminate back pain, rejuvenate the mind, and purify the body. This total health and fitness tool can be used at home or at your favorite travel destination. Experience great fun using a beautiful addition to your healthy lifestyle and home.

Phone: 305-318-3907


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Solar Thermal Collectors

Manufacture of Evacuated Heat Pipe Solar Collectors and Controllers.

Phone: (410) 997-0778

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Health and Wellness-based prepared foods

We make Health and Wellness-based prepared foods for grocery stores, businesses, and schools. Our ingredients are Organic, Local, and Factory-Farm Free. All of our chicken, turkey, and eggs are Grass-Pastured, instead of grain-fed. Our crab cakes are from local sustainably harvested Backfin Crabs. Our salmon is wild caught in Alaska by a local fisherman. We use Raw Dairy, Hand-crafted cheeses and Stone Ground whole wheat flour. We use only Raw Demerara sugar, never refined white or brown sugar. Our products are sold in compostable packaging. It is our mission to make healthy, wellness-based Grab-N-Go foods a widely available alternative to the factory-farmed, unsustainable options on the market today so that people always have the choice to eat healthy. We offer a line of Gluten-Free products.

Phone: (410) 371-3814

Aurora Solar Energy, Inc.

9009 Mendnhall Court, Suite E, Columbia, MD, USA, 21045 - View Map

Designer, system integrator, and installer of solar electric and ...

Aurora Solar Energy,inc. is the most experienced solar energy contractor in the Washington DC area. The company's mission is to provide its customers with the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective renewable energy power solutions for their unique applications. This goal is accomplished through consulting design and engineering, equipment sales, installation, and training.

Phone: 410 505-4848

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A complete line of the finest beekeeping supplies and equipment.

Phone: 1-800-233-7929

9145 Guilford Road, Suite 180, Columbia, MD, USA, 21046 - View Map

Basement waterproofing and foundation repair.

Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing is the nation's oldest and largest foundation repair company. We specialize in residential drainage and structural issues. Unlike most companies within our industry we not only focus on growing our business, we also have a passion for giving back and being a part of each local community that we service.

Phone: 301-206-9500