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Mayan Connection

21299 S. Woodland Dr, Cleveland, Ohio, 44122 - View Map

Beautiful, hand-made womens apparel from Guatemala!

The Mayan Connection was born out of the desire to help indigenous people preserve their traditional cultures and textiles, and the belief that fair trade benefits both producers and consumers. We work directly with the artisans and producers of our goods. In Guatemala, clothing is significant - By wearing Mayan Connection bags and skirts, you are supporting indigenous weavers and helping to preserve their traditional art form.

Phone: 703-400-2354


877 East 185 Street, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S., 44119 - View Map

Plant a tree and watch it growing online! is an environmentally-themed social networking website that mainly attracts users who have a concern for the environment but aren't activists. Our company is dedicated to offering creative ways for businesses and individuals to benefit themselves as they benefit the environment. All of our products (green gifts, promos, certificates etc.) involve planting trees, but the most interesting part is that they also have an added bonus: the purchasers can go to to get information about the trees they've planted and even follow their development on-line!

Phone: 202-684-6653

Tremont Electric

2221 Professor Ave., 2nd Floor, Cleveland, Ohio, United States, 44113 - View Map

Kinetic Energy

Tremont Electric is a Triple Bottom Line Green Plus certified clean energy startup dedicated to providing renewable energy to consumers around the world through the patented nPower® technology. nPower’s® unique method of generating environmentally friendly electricity positions Tremont Electric as the technology leader in kinetic energy harvesting. nPower® technology is scalable and provides a range of product opportunities from small, implantable biomedical generators, to human-motion powered generators, to large commercial scale wave energy converters.

Phone: 8882143137

Revy Fair Trade Products

29475 Edgedale Road, Cleveland, OH, USA, 44124 - View Map

Fair Trade Accessories from El Salvador

Revy Fair Trade Products offers handmade, eco-friendly and fair trade accessories from womens coops in El Salvador. Our goal is to create sustainable products while empowering the women of El Salvador for a better life for themselves and their children.

Phone: 216-765-8117