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Chicago's Alternative Design School

Archeworks is Chicago's Alternative Design School where students apply their professional skills to create innovative, resourceful solutions for social and environmental concerns. Multidisciplinary teams work with community partners on projects that address major 21st century urban challenges. The program emphasizes hands-on, collaborative problem-solving and requires a nine-month, part-time evening commitment. Archeworks also offers a public lecture series and several exciting publications exploring urbanism, socially responsible design, and theory. First application deadline for the 2009-10 program, beginning in September 09, is May 29, 2009.Founded in 1994 on the premise that good design should serve everyone, Archeworks calls for education, recognition, and promotion of creative design for all sections of our society, particularly in the areas where innovation will have the greatest impact - those which are underserved and underfunded. Archeworks students have completed over 40 projects focusing on universal design, sustainability, urban agriculture and ecology, elementary school education, neighborhoods with limited resources, micro-enterprises for women and minorities, and other community-based needs in the urban environment.

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A Fresh Squeeze

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A Fresh Squeeze: Green living in Chicago

A Fresh Squeeze is Chicagoland's one-stop resource for sustainable living. Learn from our local, green gurus. Save over $5,000 among 50 local merchants and businesses with our Chicago Squeeze Card. Live local, healthy and green!

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Pacifica Furniture Company

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Makers of sustainable and eco-friendly furniture

We make furniture from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.

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4Legs Pet Products Inc.

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Complete dog&cat supply and adoption resource center

Complete dog&cat supply and adoption resource center. For seven years we have educated pet guardians on quality foods,holistic remedies, and adoption options.

Phone: 773 472-5347

A Cooler Planet

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Everything from morning to night for eco living.

A Cooler Planet, Inc. is an eco-lifestyle store that brings together information, education and products that help people make simple choices to benefit their families and communities and our planet. Through the luxurious, practical and fun goods we sell, we support manufacturers committed to providing sustainable, fairly traded, local, organic, renewable, recycled and eco-conscious products. We continually strive to educate ourselves. We hope our commitment and enthusiasm for supporting a healthy life and planet will be contagious.

Phone: 773.248.1110

I-GO Car Sharing

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Access to hundreds of eco-friendly cars in Chicago & suburbs.

Join I-GO Car Sharing and get hourly access to hundreds of low-emission vehicles including plug-in hybrids and all electric vehicles located in over 35 Chicago neighborhoods and 5 suburbs including Evanston and Oak Park. I-GO introduced car sharing to Chicago back in 2002 and is Chicago's only local, non-profit car sharing company. Visit or call 773-278-4446 to learn more. Remember to visit the I-GO booth for special membership discounts!

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Gluten Content Testing in Booth

G-Free-V is an Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free food company that is hopelessly focused on Taste. Brands include: The Balanced Kitchen - ResturantVegan by Nature - Wholesale Brandthe Bot Bakery - Cookies, Candies, Cakes

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Barefoot Books

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books, CDs and gifts that are thoughtfully written

We offer books, CDs and gifts that are thoughtfully written, beautifully designed and illustrated, and have high educational value. They are lots of fun and they are designed to last, but above all, they are meant to be shared and enjoyed.

Phone: 773-828-5916

Carbon Solutions Group

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Providers of carbon consulting, offsetting and Green Power

Carbon Solutions Group provides GHG emissions consulting, footprinting and offsetting as well providing Green Power.

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eco-friendly, socially positive, bamboo/organic cotton tees

A tee shirt collection with persuasive imagery that is socially positive and environmentally responsible. Made of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton and printed with water-base inks. Knitted, sewn and printed in USA.

Phone: 800-949-7858

Aware Toys

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Remember "Mr. Potato Head?" Well, Meet "KI - The Earth Toy." KI's smiling face is the Sun, the arms are beautiful Dolphins, the sturdy legs are trees from the forest that support the round body our Earth.

All toy parts are connect with Velcro that re-enforces our understand of our connection to Mother Earth ...Aware Toys is a life passion to honor our Mother Earth and all that share this sacred Space. The connection with Mother Earth is brought forth in harmony with this soft form toy design named "KI" we are all connected to each other even if we live in different places, for we all live on this home we call Earth. My Grandmother "KI" who was a teacher taught me the importance of our connection to Mother Earth. Her cabin on Ten Mile Lake in Minnesota inspired her teachings of Nature and the meaning of:

Educate - To give knowledge to or to develop the abilities of somebody by teachingsElevate - To lift somebody's mind or Spirit to a more enlightened or exalted level. Enlighten - To free someone from ignorance or prejudice. These are the additions to 3 R's in Education .... This toy has been inspired by my Grandmother which is why I've lovingly name her "KI" It's in honor of you Grandma!About Cindy ClickCindy Click founder and owner of Aware Toys Inc. creator of "KI" The Earth Toy, grew up in Northern Minnesota, with the teachings of many Earth Honoring traditions and ceremony.

She began her spiritual practice at of 2 years old by talking with the trees, as her Grandfather began the connection to Nature at this very young age. Leading Cindy down a spiritual path to many modalities and experiences finding herself within an Ashram in India, from there taking the road down the Reiki Healing Path, Hawaiian and Peruvian Shamanism, Advance Healer training through breath energy work.

Creating and healing through relationships of Spirit and Breath.... Cindy is a Kultrun drum carrier, from the Mapuche Tribe... She has also lead healing circles, trans dance and guided meditations... Note: This is a Certified Dr. Toy ~ Smart Award Winning Toy by the institute for Childhood Resources.

Natural Fitness

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Premium yoga & fitness gear with minimum environmental impact

Natural Fitness is committed to providing high quality yoga and fitness products while maintaining the smallest environmental impact. Choosing our products will enhance your practice and help you achieve your fitness goals while demonstrating your concern for the environment.

Phone: 312.265.6771

Interpath PTY LTD

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The Joint Health Experts

Australia based Interpath, is globally positioned as the forerunner in the revolution of non-pharmaceutical treatment of arthritis and prevention of joint disease in humans and animals. | |

Phone: 866-261-0925

In These Times

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Meet the minds behind In These Times!

For three decades, In These Times has featured award-winning investigative reporting, insightful analysis of national and international affairs and sharp cultural criticism about events and ideas that matter. From the Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980s to the controversy surrounding the 2004 presidential election, In These Times has provided coverage that unites and defines the progressive movement. The magazine was recently awarded the Utne Reader Independent Press Award for Best Political Coverage in 2006.

Phone: 773.772.0100

Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP)

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Regional planning agency integrating transportation and landuse

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) integrates planning for land use and transportation in the seven counties of northeastern Illinois. Metropolitan Chicago will have an additional 2.8 million residents and 1.8 million jobs by 2040, and CMAP is leading the GO TO 2040 planning campaign to develop and implement strategies for addressing the growth and the implications it will have on quality of life, like transportation, housing, economic development, open space, the environment, and natural resources. For more information, please visit, or email your questions to

Phone: 312.454.0400

Noon Solar

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Finely crafted solar satchels and accessories

We are introducing our first line of environmentally considered accessories, starting with finely crafted satchels, totes, and messenger bags made with sustainable and biodegradable materials. This first line of bags incorporates a flexible solar panel to keep cell phones, iPods and PDAs charged with renewable power.

Phone: 773-225-6141

Chapter One Organics/The Green Eaters

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modern organic baby clothes,organic farming children's book

Chapter One Organics makes modern organic baby and toddler clothing. Our clothing is made in the US by women who have had significant barriers to employment. These individuals are earning a fair wage, learning new skills and productive work habits, and establishing careers.Our book, The Green Eaters - A Dream Comes True is a fun and heart warming picture book where Gertie and friends are sent from Dreary Day factory farm to The Green Eaters Farm, an organic paradise!

Phone: 312.860.1186

U.S.WAY Building Systems

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TOTAL LEED building systems

USWAY is a cutting-edge leader in green technology designs and products. We offer: Zero Energy NATURALISTIC building designs; Thin Film PV Modules -1MW per month; Wind Turbines from 80W up to 1.5MW; LED lamps, including LED T10 tubes emitting 1700 lumens; LED architectural wall washers, park, parking, and hybrid street lamps; Hi-Output CFLs to replace 400W HID lamps; Hi-Power adjustable angle T5 fixtures; LED Traffic Signal Lamps; Hi-Speed Hand Dryers with LCD Display; SPD Smart Glass w/ built-in electronic shades; and more.

Phone: (773) 338-9688