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Beckons Organic

540 Iris Avenue, Boulder, CO, USA, 80304 - View Map

organic and sustainable yoga-inpsired clothing

Beckons Organic: organic and sustainable yoga-inspired clothing for women and men.

Phone: 303-881-0872

Green Guru and Green Goddess Gear by Ecologic Designs Inc.

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Green Adventure Gear and Clothing

Environmentally friendly adventure gear and clothing made from the highest percentage of recycled or eco-friendly materials.

Phone: 303-258-1611

English Retreads

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Handbags and accessories made from reclaimed rubber

Each new design begins with the idea of striving to keep more waste out of the landfill by creating fashionable, yet sturdy items out of recycled materials.Heather EnglishColorados own Heather English was floating down Boulder Creek on an inner tube, thinking about how she needed a new handbag when she got the idea for English Retreads. A passionate vegetarian, she wanted an ecologically sound alternative to animal products without having to compromise style or durability. So she designed a handbag out of reclaimed truck inner tubes. Soon all her friends wanted one and English Retreads was born. English Retreads is committed to the environment and the quality and longevity of our products. We prove that we walk our talk through our choices: Use of reclaimed, post consumer rubber (no animal products or testing) Use of PET fabric lining (made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles) Partnership with Native Energy to offset carbon emissions and make our production process and all shipping carbon neutral Co-op America membership signifying that we adhere to their rigorous eco-friendly criteriaThe inner tubes used to create these stylish handbags and accessories are supplied by local truck stops. Each one often has around 60,000 miles on it and seen a lot of places. Now you can add to those miles and adventures in style!

Phone: 303.258.1625

Pixie Mate

4720 Table Mesa Dr. F100, Boulder, CO., U.S.A., 80305 - View Map

Pixie Mate: Only Unsmoked, pure leaf Yerba Mate!!

Pixie Mate is a premium manufacturer of organic yerba mate products. The company's mate is a pure leaf, unsmoked mate of the highest quality. The 32-ounce concentrates mix one-to-one with milk or soy milk and are loaded with antioxidants. From The Original Mate Latte to the spicy Mate Chai, all items are brewed for strength and taste wonderful. Pixie Mate offers eight colorful tea bag items, all of which are sealed for freshness.

Phone: 303-444-6283

Bali Malas

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Wear Peace.

Bali Malas offers malas and spiritual jewelry made of the sacred rudraksah (rude-rock-sha) beads from Bali. Mythology named these transformative beads the 'eyes of Shiva'. Having been used since 1000 BC, rudrakshas may be the earliest known form of prayer beads. Rudrakshas are a seed formed in nature found inside the fruit of the rudraksha tree. When worn against the skin, and especially over the heart they open it and offer it protection. Many experience an uplifted mood a calming of the mind and a cooling affect to the body with the wearing of these beads. These unique pieces are lovingly hand made in Bali by native women. Bali Malas is honored to support Bumi Sehat a birthing center for women, children and families in Bali with our profits.It is our intent to restore vibrancy, compassion and healing to our planet with the wearing of rudraksha beads. Wear peace.

Phone: 303-819-4914

annie O.

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beautiful & sustainable women's accessories from Peru

Inspired by Peru's traditional embroidery techniques, annie O. works directly with a women's cooperative to create a beautiful collection of handbags, belts, and other accessories.

Phone: 720.839.5396

Bhakti Chai

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Fresh pressed ginger masala chai, micro-brewed in Boulder, CO

Each small batch of Bhakti Chai begins with a broth of cardamom, fresh ginger, black pepper, and clove. Then, the organic fair-trade loose leaf black tea unfurls in this distinctive elixir. Finally, the salve of sugar infuses with the tea to give your the sweet and spice of Bhakti Chai.Micro-brewed in Boulder, Bhakti Chai comes from the masala lineage, which blends fiery spices with traditional back sweet tea.We use organic and fresh ingredients, socially responsible practices, and environmentally sustainable products. Bhakti Chai is available in Original, Unsweet, Decaf, and coffee-blend.

Phone: 303.484.8770

Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy

4940 Pearl East Circle, Ste 301, Boulder, CO, USA, 80301 - View Map

Full-service pharmacy, plus complementary and alternative medicin...

Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy believes that public health is closely linked to environmental health. Thats why the stores bamboo shelves are stocked with organic, all-natural and fair trade productsthe best in the natural products industry. By introducing customers to things like paraben-free cosmetics and eco-friendly cleaners, Pharmaca raises environmental consciousness while providing people with the things they need to live a healthy lifestyle.Pharmaca currently has 22 stores scattered throughout California, Colorado, New Mexico, Washington, and Oregon. All of these locations, as well as its home office, are offset with renewable energy. In addition to their many other environmental initiatives, Pharmaca is also growing its green pharmacy program, encouraging consumers to return unused or expired medications for EPA-approved disposal. Stop by to learn about the many ways our integrative approach can benefit you, and your world.

Global Works Travel

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Global Works Travel

Since 1990, Global Works has been providing exceptional Community Service, Cultural Exchange, Adventure Travel, and Language Learning Programs for teens and young adults. Much more than a vacation, Global Works international trips are the impetus and "bridge" for meaningful cultural exchange. Your group will work, play, and celebrate with communities and families around the world. Nineteen years of making friends has helped us establish grassroots connections around the globe. We are a service company first and a travel company second. Our philosophy is to work with a village, not for a village. In partnership with community members, we hand select meaningful projects to provide a grassroots experience that will make an authentic impact. A Global Works Summer Service Adventure will be the experience of your lifetime!

Phone: (303) 545-2202

Namaste Solar

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local, employee-owned solar PV installation company

Namaste Solar works in Colorado to propagate the responsible use of solar energy, pioneer conscientious business practices, and create holistic wealth for our community. Investing in solar energy means investing in the long-term health of the environment. At Namasté Solar, were in it for the long haul. Beginning with our educational system design process, we work with customers on defining expectations, adapting to challenges, discussing the details, and celebrating successful solar installations. Whether we are working on a single home or a large, commercial system, we take every project to heart. We spend the time to learn what our customers really want, work within their budget, custom-design every system, and provide lifetime assistance.

Phone: 303-447-0300

Clean Energy Action

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Citizens Working for Clean Energy Solutions

Clean Energy Action aims to be a leading edge organization that mobilizes Colorado to address climate change and works to accelerate the transition to a post-fossil fuel world. Our main objectives are to:1) Raise awareness about global warming.2) Promote government policies to address global warming including an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.3) Phase out coal based technologies4) Empower individuals and organizations to address global warming.

Real Goods

PO Box 3066, Boulder, CO, USA, 80307-3066 - View Map

For over 30 years we've been helping people just like you live a greener lifestyle. We can provide you with products and education on topics such as solar electric, wind power, hydroelectric, energy efficient appliances, organic cotton, and much more! In June 1978 in sleepy Willits, California, Real Goods opened its doors at the former Far Far West Museum, serving a clientele of back to the landers who had made the urban exodus to the hills of Mendocino for a simpler lifestyle communing with nature. In the 30 years since, our business has evolved from selling solar panels to a few off gridders in the hills to being the foremost source of information and products in renewable energy, sustainable living, alterative transportation, and relocalization (the ultimate anecdote for global warming and peak oil). We intend to celebrate our three decades in business all year long and hope that youll join us!The company lays claim to the title of the oldest and largest catalog firm devoted to the sale and service of renewable energy products in the world. Real Goods is still devoted to the same principles that guided its foundingquality, innovative, well made products for fair prices, and unsurpassed customer service with courtesy and dignity.

Phone: 800-919-2400

eGo CarShare

3970 N Broadway, Suite B4, BOULDER, CO, 80304 - View Map

Nonprofit carsharing serving the Denver metro area

eGo CarShare offers Denver and Boulder residents flexible wheels for an urban lifestyle. Members have access to a network of cars throughout the metro area, 24 hours-a-day, paying-per-trip, without commitment or inconvenience. Vehicle usages fees are $2.50-6.50/hour + $0.30/miles, which includes GAS, insurance and maintenance. eGo CarShare is a local, 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide and promote alternatives to individual car ownership, thereby reducing the environmental and social impacts associated with motor vehicle use. eGo CarShare currently has 14 vehicles, including several hybrid cars and a dual-fuel pick-up truck, and over 300 members.

Phone: 303.720.1185


1143 Portland Place, Suite 1, Boulder, Colorado, USA, 80304 - View Map

Recycled Paper Jewelry made by Impoverished Ugandans

BeadforLife eradicates extreme poverty by creating bridges of understanding between impoverished Africans and concerned world citizens. Ugandan women turn colorful recycled paper into beautiful bead jewelry, and people who care open their hearts, homes and communities to buy and sell the beads. The beads become income, food, medicine, school fees and hope. It is a small miracle that connects and enriches everybody in the Bead Circle.All net profits from BeadforLife are invested in community development projects that help people work their way out of poverty.

Phone: 303-554-5901


6395 Gunpark Dr., Unit E, Boulder, CO, USA, 80301 - View Map

Children's Wooden Toys & Games with Integrity

Earth Friendly, Ethicallly-made Toys with Integrity. Educational wooden toys and games that inspire imaginations and global awareness. Ages infant through 12yrs & up.

Phone: 303-530-4103

Independent Power Systems

1501 Lee Hill Rd. #24, Boulder, CO, 80304 - View Map

Shrinking Carbon Footprints Sine 1996

Independent Power Systems is a NABCEP certified solar electric contractor with more than a decade of experience and hundreds of successful residential and commercial installations, including Coors Field and the Bozeman Public Library. Founded in 1996 by Professional Engineer and Master Electrician Tony Boniface, Independent Power Systems offers unsurpassed technical expertise, end-to-end customer service, and in-house design, engineering, and installation. In 2007 Independent Power Systems won the SunPower Intelegant award for technical and aesthetic excellence in residential solar installation.With locations in Boulder, Colorado and Bozeman, Montana, Independent Power Systems is your choice for solar electric in the Rocky Mountain West. For more information visit

Phone: (303) 443-0115

Organic India USA

5311 Western Ave., Ste. T, Boulder, CO, USA, 80301 - View Map

Makers of the Original Tulsi Teas

ORGANIC INDIA was formed as a labor of love. We began working cooperatively with farms in northern India to grow Tulsi ~ Holy Basil which was used to create our flagship product, the Original Tulsi Tea. Encouraged by the success of this project, we contracted with more farmers and expanded our program to include other Indian herb, food and spice crops. The guiding principal of our company is to honor and protect the Earth by utilizing sustainable, organic and biodynamic agricultural practices and to provide a sustainable living for the farmers and tribes people we work with in India.

Phone: 720-406-3940

P.O. Box 1076, Boulder, CO, USA, 80306 - View Map

Your Source for Green Real Estate, Rentals & More! is a national, interactive web site that brings "green" properties, products and services to potential buyers. Our customers can list their "green" homes, commercial properties, rentals & hotels/motels, which are each assigned a "leaf" value based on the number of energy efficient, sustainable & healthy features selected. We also invite all types of environmentally aware companies looking to target a "green" audience to advertise their businesses both locally and nationally.

Phone: 303.868.7227

Jim Morris Environmental T-Shirt Co

PO Box 18270, Boulder, CO, 80308 - View Map

Wildlife and environmental designs on organic t-shirts

We print wildlife & environmental designs on organic t-shirts. Wolves, bears, otters, global warming, whales, ospreys, terns, Native Americans are a few of our designs. We also can custom print your design for your group, business, or organization.

Phone: 800-788-5411

Standard Renewable Energy

5757 ARAPAHOE AVE. #C2, BOULDER, CO, USA, 80303 - View Map

Solar Power, Energy Audits, Insulation, Heating & Cooling

Standard Renewable Energy (SRE) provides comprehensive energy solutions for homeowners and businesses to help them lower utility bills, reduce their environmental impact, and increase their energy reliability and independence.Standard Renewable Energy offers a unique solutions approach based on the RE3 concept, which includes: * Review current energy usage with energy audits and monitoring systems. * Reduce usage by integrating energy efficiency products such as insulation and high-efficiency heating and cooling systems. * Renew by addressing remaining energy demand with renewable energy products.Standard Renewable Energys RE3 offerings include: energy audits, high-efficiency heating and cooling products and services, insulation, solar window film, solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems, solar water heating systems, wind energy systems and more.

Phone: 303-562-2752