The Best Vegan Soul Food On Earth!

Sterling Silver Jewelry that helps combat trafficking of women an...

Gentle chiropractic adjustments perfect for pregnant moms & baby

Piano and music lessons in your home.

Sound Transit: - Green Your Regional Commute

Benefit-oriented books, CDs, DVDs & kits

Fighting to preserve 14 acres of open green space in central LA

Non profit org servicing marginal communities & their health need

Test drives! Active riding vehicle/affordable fun transportation

Working to protect and defend America's redrock wilderness.

Outdoor mecca in Shawnee National Forest-Wineries, Lakes & More!

Four year professional-level Naturopathic Medical school

people loving planet loving organic oil soy candles


SOYJOY is a healthy, delicious gluten-free snack baked with real fruit and ground whole soybeans.SOYJOYis made withonlynon-GMO wholesoyand baked into a naturally delicious bar that won't melt, freeze or crumble. Come visit our boothwhere we will be giving awayfree samples, backpacks, stickers and tattoos!Come listen to our live DJ spin some tunes and try your hand at our cool games!

Products samples available

USDA certified organic olive essence skin care line

Certified Green Sleep Systems, European Designed Luxury

Local, Organic Vegetables and Soba Noodles

Discover how free your body can feel!

Good Karma is a free Chicago publication

featuring green festival specials & sales!

We offer 100% organic, gluten-free & vegan spices & teas.


"We are an American Woman-Owned GREEN social enterprise that cares for the planet, environment, and people. We collect clothes, shoes, and toys to keep them out of landfills. The usable items go to our charity partners and the non-usable, ripped, old, stained, and torn items get recycled into cool Eco-products, such as organic home insulation, car seat stuffing, and more so nothing goes to waste. Help support our planet and some of your favorite charities such as the American Red Cross, Madison Square Boys & Girls Club, GMHC and many others by requesting a clothes recycling bin at your building, workplace, business, health club, hotel, school, college, etc. To request a bin please call (800) 584 0460. To learn more about SpinGreen please visit our website at" target="_blank">  We give clothes a second chance. Go Green with SpinGreen! SpinGreen will be collecting clothes & shoes at Green Festivals New York to help preserve our environment and help three of your favorite charities. The clothes collection bin will be set up by the entrance! Please step by our booth #104 to collect your raffle for a chance to win a cool Eco prize."

Spirituality & Health Magazine

Spirituality & Health magazine is made by and for a community of people like you—spiritual wonderers, wellness seekers, people who recognize the interdependence of our health, our communities, and our environment. Each issue of Spirituality & Health offers inspiration and ideas to help you on your spiritual journey and path to better health, drawing from the wisdom of many traditions and cultures, as well as science, psychology, sociology, and medicine. Welcome to our community!

Organic hair color, skin, beauty, body care products and candles.

Acupressure mats - for deeper sleep and back pain releif.

We sell bamboo and organic cotton athletic apparel & accessories.

Easy ways to make your own natural cleaning products at home

Whole food pet nutrition made with fresh ingredients!

Handcrafted, reclaimed beer bottle, organic garden kits.

Eco-Friendly watches are biodegradable/made from natural elements

almonds - living food - in the raw

Awesome teen-crafted locally made all natural body care products.

Books, Seeds & Sprouting Equipment! is an online organic grocery home delivery service.

Accessible. Organic. Style.

Healthy Books for Hungry Minds

new website for socially responsible investing

An indie publisher with books on organic and eco-green topics

Located in the heart of Oregon's lush Willamette Valley, Stahlbus...

Stainless steel home goods

Organic. Locally Grown. Bikes.

Residential Solar, Energy Efficiency and Energy Management.

Solar Power, Energy Audits, Insulation, Heating & Cooling

San Francisco-Based All Natural Food Company

Providing solutions for every home or business

Recycled Rubber Roofing from automobile tires.

Reuse Products Company

rain harvesting & garden products

Jewelry handmade from recycled glass & reclaimed silver.

Stylish vegan leather bags,cases,totes,and fashion accessories

unique, humorous hand screen printed recycled clothing

Beautiful hand made jewelry