Murphy's Windows

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Exterior Green Solutions Firm serving Chicagoland homeowners

Murphy's Windows is a full service exterior remodeling corporation specializing in green products. Our expertise include fiberglass windows and doors, comprehensive home energy audits, and weatherization. We are a family owned business with over 25 years serving Illinois and Wisconsin with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Phone: 773.239.2279

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

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Tour the Museum of Science and Industry’s Smart Home: Green + Wired! This fully-functioning, eco-friendly exhibit has been redesigned for 2011 with help from Chicago interior furnishing store Scout and technology blog Gizmodo. It features unique interior pieces repurposed in amazing ways, as well as cutting-edge home technologies.

Phone: (773) 684-1414

Uganda art collaborative creating sustainable jewelry and art.

Mutchlove Hemp

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Inspired, hand crafted American made hemp fashion

Inspired, hand crafted American made hemp fashion createdBy artisan, Mutchlove Mutchlove vision...Good business is a positive transaction of energy that benefits all involved including the source of all resources, our planet. The pursuit of prosperity will eradicate exploitation, war, global imbalance, and slavery. Consumers are intelligent and responsible in knowing from whence their goods originate in purpose to the service of all beings.The decriminalization of Industrial Hemp farming in America can potentially reduce or replace the need for deforestation, nutrient depleting crops, and dependance on petroleum products. Our goal is twofold; -To create an awareness of Hemp as a viable ecologically responsible replacement source for paper, fabric, food, beauty products, medicine, bio-fuel production- To provide the conscious consumer with beautifully inspired American made Hemp goods

Phone: 949-606-4293

My Bamboo Salt is a divine medicine

My Conscience, My Choice

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Connecting mindful consumers with conscience-driven brands weekly

A resource for finding the best eco-friendly, cruelty-free and all-natural product alternatives to commonly purchased products. Weekly brand-to-brand comparisons independently chosen by editor feature specific product substitutes from conscience-driven brands. The site connects a community of mindful consumers who aspire to lead conscience-driven lifestyles with pioneering brands.  App being developed.

Phone: 9177698749

The My Conscience, My Choice website & first-of-its-kind “Choice” app in development make it easy to find the best eco-friendly & cruelty-free personal care, household, food & cosmetic products to purchase instead of commonly purchased, less sustainable products. Tick Tock Naturals, our prime affiliate, for its cruelty-free, organic insect repellent will exhibit with us.

natural organic chemical free mattresses from $299

My Mama's Love

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Natural, gentle, effective skin care and remedies .

My Mama's Love produces skin remedies for the skin which are all-natural, organic and totally effective. My Mama's line is gluten free, dairy free and free from chemicals, preservatives and fragrance. Remedies for eczema, acne, psoriasis, dry skin and much more.

Phone: 425-495-1222

Mycological Society of San Francisco

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Promoting Mushroom Exploration for Enjoyment and Education

Formed in 1950 to provide education and to disseminate scientific information about mycology to our membership and the general public, the Mycological Society of San Francisco is the largest amateur mushroom society in the United States.On a regular basis, the MSSF holds classes ranging from basic mushroom identification and cultivation to the culinary and artistic possibilities of using mushrooms. It also organizes culinary dinners and forays led by experienced and knowledgeable mycologists.From September thru May, the MSSF holds monthly meetings featuring mycologists and other guest speakers from around the world. Collected mushrooms can be brought for display and identification.

Phone: 866.807.7148

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socially responsible networking site promotes a green lifestyle

Cathryn and Dustin have developed a social networking website for folks like you and for all busy people interested in art, music, business, crafts, or just meeting people with similar interests in order to educate, create, network and converse. We hope our socially responsible networking sitewill not only attract like-minded people but will allow us to cultivate a whole NEW crop of green-minded people. This area of the web is what we call My CounterSpace! While you browse through MyCounterSpace you will only find advertising that is for socially responsible, green companies/businesses or that are contributing in significant ways (such as promoting the arts, working with the poor, etc.) in their local or global communities. How do we make these decisions? Well, we use the available tools provided by Business Ethics Magazine, Co-op America, and we do our own independent research networking at Green Festivals and other areas. Our promise is that we will uphold this level of advertising discipline--it simply makes sense in promoting a socially responsible and sustainable way of living.

Phone: 1-800-957-8975

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Green Home Loans

Sustainable Real Estate Financing - the leading green lending program in the nation provides lower fees and better interest rates for energy-efficient and location-efficient properties. All property types, occupancy types and doc types.

Phone: 404/771-2106


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Green Building and Renovation

MyGreenCottage, endorsed by environmentalist, Ed Begley, Jr., is your one-stop resource for eco-friendly new homes and renovation projects. We offer thoroughly researched products and service professionals under one roof--wall systems, windows, doors, roofing, lighting, flooring, appliances, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, counter-tops, architects, builders, designers, landscape professionals--anything and everything you need to complete an eco-friendly new home or renovation project.

Phone: 800-419-9078


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Socially conscious artisan jewelry, accessories and home decor

Phone: 561-237-5008

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Where the Planet "Naturally" Shops for Over 14,000 Earth-Friendly...

You are cordially invited... to save the provides global solutions to social, environmental and health concerns via an earth-friendly/natural products e-commerce portal. Understanding the correlation that as we continue to impact our environment' our environment comes back to impact our health, and recognizing the urgency to reverse our present unsustainable trend, the program utilizes the internet to maximize word-of-mouth consumer exposure. The program embraces consumers, working cooperatively and building synergy as a group to conscientiously redirect household consumption toward products supporting environmental sustainability and fair trade concerns, while strategically empowering green producers and humanitarian causes. Ultimately, the goal of our mission is to leave a legacy of a healing planet to our children and future generations.

Phone: 888 81-EARTH


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Ethical and sustainable high design clothing for women.

Mythhya—‘timeless fashion. changing lives’, high design women’s clothing, (i) offers classic designs (with a twist) as an alternative to fast fashion, which quickly loses appeal and ends up in landfills; (ii) employs organic fabrics that minimize the use of chemicals; (iii) pays fair wages to the skilled workers in north India.