Green Festival Speakers

Jill Palermo



Jill Palermo, co-founder of We Add Up, is an example of living true to your passion and succeeding in using your creativity to make a difference. She studied Architecture and Art at Carnegie Mellon University, culminating in the creation of a series of sculptures and videos about landfills, deforestation and industrial pollution. After college, Jill lived in the mountains of Oregon on an organic farming eco-village and learned how to live in harmony with the land. This mountain experience inspired her artistically, and her painting career blossomed. Over time, Jill’s creativity was channeled into collaborative projects that spoke to making a difference in today’s most critical issues. She went on to co-found a company that is endorsed by Al Gore and was voted a Top 10 Green Business of 2008. She is passionate about getting people involved in helping solve the climate crisis.