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Organic Essence

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Organic Essence developed Back to the Earth Packaging because Organic is not always green. The people who are Organic Essence make food grade body care because USDA Certified Organic excludes the ingredients that raise health concerns such as; detergents, chemical preservatives and synthetic fragrances. We think putting a healthy and sustainable product in a plastic bottle somehow misses the point. There are entire classes of products that if you want them, they only come in single use plastic. We realized that we had to do something about it now because the Earth is choking on plastic. The result is our paper based biodegradable Eco Jar that we use for our shea butter creams, and the Eco Tube for our lip balms. We are honored to be leading the way to a more sustainable way of life with rational packaging. We believe that living an honest, sustainable life doesnt mean you have to give up everything and live in the Stone Age. We have designed a number of packages that can displace millions of tons of single use plastic every year. With your help, we can make a difference.