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  • Los Angeles 2016 Sneak Peek Special

    Green Festival Expo is offering a Sneak Peek Special for loyal exhibitors valid ONLY until Sept. 24th EST! Act now, and receive 22% off Los Angeles 2016 booth prices. Click here for the 2016 LA floorplan.  Read More
  • Los Angeles Green Festival Expo

    The 5th annual Los Angeles Green Festival Expo is right around the corner! Join us in exploring over 250 exhibitors, indulge in some delicious vegan or vegetarian food and learn all you need to know to live a more sustainable lifestyle! Los Angeles Tickets

    Read More
  • Los Angeles Featured Speakers

    Join us at the Los Angeles Green Festival Expo and attend inspiring presentations and workshops from leading experts and icons to vegan/vegetarian chefs. Get the scoop on these four amazing speakers. Read More
  • Reserve your space today for 2015 Fall Dates. Take advantage of our Early Bird Pricing

    This is the city you have been waiting for. For the first time Green Festivals will be in Portland. Voted one of America's greenest cities this is sure to be a great addition to the 2015 schedule.

    Read More
  • Announcing Green Festival's New Platinum Sponsors VW and Audi!

    Green Festival Expo will have Test Drives in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland in 2015!

    Read More
  • Green Pets


    Green Festival Expo knows that pets are family too!  They deserve the best, and we are excited to connect our attendees with you and your eco-pet holistic & all natural products.

    Read More
  • Highlighting Travel & Adventure Exhibitors

    Travel & Adventure

    This year Green Festival Expo is looking to highlight the Travel & Adventure exhibitors and sponsors with our 2015 shows.


    Read More
  • Home is Where the Green Is...

    Home & Garden

    Green Festival Expo knows that there is no place greener than the Home & Garden, and we are excited to connect our attendees with you and your fantastic products and services.

    Read More
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Washington DC Preview Guide

green festival preview websitre nyc 2015

Official Platinum Sponsors

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Way Better Snacks

Media Partners

Bill Back 5



Host Committee

The New York Host committee is made up of over 100 members representing local community leaders, business owners, NGO directors and advocates of sustainability and social justice. They provide vision, direction, recommendations and assistance in all aspects of Green Festival.

Thank you to our incredible New York Host Committee whose dedication and hard work has helped craft a memorable event:

Mary Abrams (Moving Body Resources)
Jay Ackley (Community Environmental Center)
Timothy Advani
Jyoti Agarwal (Leo Goes Grr)
Sonal Agarwal (Leo Goes Grr)
Biance Alexander (Concious Living TV)
Pamela Alimurung (NYC Fair Trade)
Jeanne Allie
Joy Anderson (Criterion Adventures)
Dan Apfel (Responsible Endowments Coalition)
Jerin Arifa (New York Asians Women's Center)
Nicola Armacost
Cami Arrow (Evolver)
Fatima Ashraf
Anabella Asvik (ethicalbella.com)
Gary Bagley (NYC Cares)
Brent Baker (Tri State Biodiesel)
Sashti Balu
Mitch Baranowski (BBMG)
Greg Barber (Eco Friendly Printer>
Sean Barlow
Kelli Barnett (Watermatic LLC)
Paul Bartlett
Stephanie Batchelor (Investor Relations/Marketing Associate)
Raphael Bemporad (BBMG)
Eileen Bevacqui
Eric Bischoff
Adam Black (Key Wifi)
Scott Bloom (Viridian)
Joel Bluestein
Elena Boeva
Jennifer Bowen
Patricia Bradby
Wendy Brawer (Green Maps)
Doris Cadoux
Michaela Calabrese
Maureen Calamia (International Feng Shui Guild)
Jonathan Carbajal (SunDurance Energy)
Jennifer Cassidy
Regan Caton (The AwareNest)
Marco Ceglie
Ursula Chanse (Bronx Green-Up at the New York Botanical Garden)
Amy Chender (ABC Home)
Kethia Cheng (Center for Environmental Health)
Joann Ciaramello (Planet Threads)
Carrie Clark (The Ross School)
Lori Clarke
Sasha Cohen ("Vanishing of the Bees" film)
Paulette Cole (ABC Home)
Frank Coleman (Christian Brothers Investment Services)
Clay Colt (Donnelly/Colt)
Kerry Constabile (UNICEF)
Terry Coppersmith
Anne Cprry (NYC Cares)
Tracy Costikyan-Alexander (Sustainable Living Interiors)
Miquela Craytor (Sustainable South Bronx)
Peter Crosby (dotSUB.com)
Dr. Helen Crowley (Wildlife Conservation Society)
James K. Cummings (Nathan Cummings Foundation)
Michael Dabenne
Kevin Danaher (Global Exchange)
Alix Davidson (Green Festival)
Margaret Davidson (Olana Partnership)
Jay Dehjia
Joanne DePalma
Cynthia Diao
Leo Dotson (Leo Dotson Foundation)
Heidi Drymer (Mind Matter Marketing)
Todd Eaton
Miariam Eaves (Cargile Group)
Michael Eckstract
Maxine Edwards
Naomi Ehrgott
Sarah Endline (SweetRiot)
Mellisa Fallon
Colleen Farrell (New York Cares)
Jojo Farrell (New York City Teaching Fellow)
Bob Fishman (Resources for Human Development)
Meredith Forbes (Hospital for Special Surgery)
Mike Fox
Robin Fox
Dick Franke
Omer Freilla (Green Worker Cooperative)
David Frielander (LucidNYC)
Shiho Fukada
Howard Gabe
Amy Galper
Veer Gidwaney (Daily Feats)
Dani Glaser (Green Team Spirit)
Leila Goldmark(Green Rainbow Revolution)
Lina Goldstein
Ron Gonen
Ann Goodman Ph.D. (Women's Network for a Sustainable Future)
Alisa Gravitz (Green America)
Ajax Green (On Belay Business Advisors Inc)
Justin Green (Build It Green! NYC)
Amanda Grzymala (Manhattan College)
Joyca Haboucha
Amy Hall
Alexander A. Hamilton (Pan-African Development Foundation)
Denise Hamler (Green America)
Lois Harr (Manhattan College)
Christine Hauer
Mary Hernandez
Kelly Hines
Clare Hobbs (SweetRiot)
Ed Hogikyan (NYC Go)
Jessica Hosoi
Betty Hunter
Heidi Hutner (SUNY Stoneybrook)
Jaclyn Jablkowski (Build It Green! NYC)
Elsa Jacobson
Osiris James (Urban Go Green, Green Festivals)
Anne Janas
Ojaswi Kafle
Ayesha Kalin
Nechama Karp
Susan Kavcsak
Monica Keady
Diane Keefe
Kathy Kelly (Make Your Own Heat Media Coaching)
Melissa Klotz (Tread Lightly)
Isaac Koren
Thorals Koren
Amy Kozak (Green America)
Chave Kreger
Robin Kupersmith (Organic Pure Life)
Rob Lederer
Wendy Lee
Joan Lenart
Bob Leonard (EarthGarage)
Corinna Leriche
Josh Levine
Alison Rose Levy (Huffington Post)
Celeste Lilore (Restore Clothing)
Elizabeth Lipman-Stern
Michelle Llanos
Carole Logie
Laura Lok
Greg Loosvelt
Layla Love
Luke Luxor
Scott Luxor
Margaret Lydecker (NYC Green Drinks)
Dan MacCombie (Runa Amazon Guayusa)
Rachel Madris
Jeremy Mallard
Joseph Marker (Green Head Brand)
Annie McShiras (The Responsible Endowments Coalition)
Lynn Mehl (Good Old Days Eco Florist)
Robert Meinke (Greener Country, Long Island)
Alice Memminger (Greyston Bakery)
Beth Meyer-DeGiacomo (Wellness Coordinator for NSA)
Ansje Miller (Center for Environmental Health)
Linda Mittel
Wes Moe (New York Cares)
Lindsey Murphy
Shireen Musa (Fashion Institute of Technology)
Tony Newman
Rachel Northrop (Manhattan Green Living Examiner)
Ruth Obenbreit-Glass
Jo Opot (TerraCycle)
Aya Ota (Bio Arts NYC, Inc)
Wendy Pearman
Joy Peirson (Candle Cafe)
Lyn Pentecost Ph.D. (Lower Eastside Girls Club)
Richard Perl
Seth Perlman (Perlman and Perlman LLC)
Jana Petrikova (Green Team Spirit)
Rozana Petzold
Holly Pilch
Daniel Pinchbeck
Jamie Pollack (PEW Charitable Trusts)
Anne Pope
Bart Potenza (Candle Cafe)
Anandi Premlall
Monica Putt (NYU)
Charlotte Raedmakers (Call2Action)
Omer Rains (READ Global)
Pritha Raysircar (The Make)
Thomas Rippolon
Jacqueline Jill Rito
Tucker Robbins (Sustainable Furnishings Council and Furniture New York)
Ula Robertson (At Your Service NY)
Gian Carlo Rodriguez
Noelle Roland
Peter Rosenthal (Co-Chair NYC Green Festival Host Committee)
Nancy Rosenthal
Ami Rosi (Co-Chair NYC Green Festival Host Committee)
Peter Rothberg (The Nation)
Nick Runkle (Sustainability Road Show)
Steven Salsberg
Orly Salsberg
Lesley SanMarco
Gina Sansivero (Project Green AV)
RuiJun (Sunny) Sun Saperstein (New York Institute of Technology)
Shekhar Sattiraju (Funkoos)
Kris Scheufele
Mitch Schlimer (Enterpreneur Hall of Fame and Museum)
Susan Schor
Ilene Shaw (Shaw and Co! Productions, Pure Environment)
Martha Shaw
Alexandra Sheehey-Hampton (Computers for Youth)
Jacob Sherman
Joe Sibilia (CSR Wire)
Audra Lynn Smith (Travelers Personal Insurance - BSACC)
JP Smith
Alexandra Spadea
Josh Spiro
Ann Spraygren (International Herb Association)
Teresa Stack (The Nation)
PJ Stafford
Priscilla Star (Coalition Against Nukes)
Jacqui Starkey
Dan Stoper
Eleanor Streicker
Peter Strugatz
Jennifer Sugg (Lower Eastside Girls Club)
Tom Szacky
Judy Tenzer
Nadine Thomas
Rob Thomas (Social(k)
Scott Tilitt (ANTIDOTE collective)
Rosie Tovi
Stephanie Trager
Richelle Trivedi
Kaity Tsui
Marcel Van Ooyen
Michael J. Van Patten (Mission Markets)
Art Vasky (EVia, LLC)
Omar Ventegeat (Benjamin Development Co., Inc.)
Benay Vynerib (Candle Café)
Karl Wald (Mr. Ellie Pooh)
Barbara Walling (Going Green Industries)
Bryan Walsh (TIME)
Chris Warner
Steve Weinberg (National Foundry Products)
David Weiner
Lisa Weisberg
Jody Weiss (PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics)
Jody Wenig (New York Public Radio)
Freeman White (Launcht)
Sandy Wiggins (e3bank)
Gretchen Wilson (Gretchen Wilson Designs)
Miriam Winocour
Susan Wold
Morgen Wolf (BBMG)
David Yeh
Zak Zaidman
Naomi Zeveloff
Fidencia Solomon
Katie Ginsberg
Monic Putt
Jamie Pollack
Sanaa Benjelloun
Erin Hersey
Dan Miner