Yelping You to Be Green in NYC

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And after you've spent the day at the Green Festival, why not check out some of these top-rated sustainable businesses in NYC that all shine bright green--Yelper approved!

The Green Table’s cozy, low-key environment will have you falling in love if their grilled cheese doesn't! Betty Y. thinks. “Every part of it from the thick crusty slices of bread to the super fresh-tasting cheddar to the peach marmalade that they added was amazing.  Betty even, "had to pack the second half of my sandwich just because she couldn't bear to throw it away."

You'll love walking through the ABC Carpet and Home store get to this trendy and farm chic ABC Kitchen. Suanne L. will tell you all about farm to table freshness with expert execution, "It’s beautiful in an industrial meets organic juxtaposition with exceptional service, and an incredibly diverse and ever-changing menu."

The bamboo plates and recyclable utensils are all part of what makes Pizza By Cer Te a step above the regular slice. Kyle S. has the idea, "I like sustainable eateries and this one tops the list with its green wall and recycled products."

They treat their food more precious than diamonds at Rouge Tomate and thats because these local and seasonal ingredients are more precious. Caroline B. thinks so too, “I love the usage of fresh, local produce and the innovative cuisine.  I went there once with my family was very impressed. I'm pretty sure this is one of my dad's favorites and I understand why.

*Photo - ABC Kitchen - via Yelp user: THE JEDI FOODIE