Green Festival News

rBST: Case study of how the market eliminates GMOs

While the media has all but ignored rBST’s demise, for the non-GMO movement, this is huge news as the death of rBST is a case study for how the market can eliminate GMOs. As consumer awareness—and rejection—of GMO products increases, we will see more examples of the marketplace taking GMOs off store shelves and our plates.

Clif Bar & Company Announces Newest Line

Packed with palate-pleasing ingredients like roasted nuts, chunks of organic dark chocolate and tasty fruits such as organic wild blueberries, Clif Bar & Company is excited to announce its newest line of great-tasting snack bars – CLIF MOJO® Fruit & Nut and CLIF MOJO® Dark Chocolate. Carefully crafted with 70 percent organic ingredients, CLIF MOJO Fruit & Nut and CLIF MOJO Dark Chocolate deliver a delightful, convenient and gluten-free snack that supports today’s on-the-go lifestyle.