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Green Festival News

Be Our Green Valentine

valentineIt's February, and love is in the air! 

One of the best parts of each Green Festival is the variety of green, organic and fair trade businesses in our incredible green marketplace. Our online exhibitor directory makes it easy to connect with your favorite local and national eco-friendly businesses year-round. Find fair trade, organic and green gifts online, or discover retail outlets in your own community. Whether it be for your sweetheart's mind, body or soul, our exhibitor directory has it all. There are even green gifts to pamper your best animal friends!

Here are a few fun green and fair trade gift ideas, activities and resources for Valentines Day that won't break the bank and will be kind to the earth.

Top 10 Volunteers

volunteers_SEAThank you to the 30,000 incredible individuals who have volunteered at Green Festivals over the past ten years. Your passion and dedication served not only to make each festival a success, but also to inspire attendees and further the green and social justice movement. Your tireless work ethic, enthusiasm, kindness, passion and love for Green Festival reflects in every person who enjoys their experience and learns new ways to engage in the green movement. You are our backbone and network in each local community. We thank each and every one of you for 10 years of wonderful service, and we look forward to many more.

We would like to highlight just a few Green Festival volunteers below. Their vibrant passion is an inspiration to everyone they encounter.

Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer

IMG_9121Volunteering offers a host of new experiences, opportunities, challenges and exciting adventures. Here are the Top 10 Reasons for you to volunteer at Green Festival's 10th Anniversary Celebration.

You can sign up today for our first Spring event in San Francisco; here you can register, review roles and times, then reserve your shift(s). To look at the roles that are available at every event, download the descriptions.

Top 10 Reasons to Exhibit at Green Festival's 10th Anniversary Season

PB063279Hurry! Only a few Green Festival booths left at the 15% discount

This year, Green Festival celebrates its 10th Anniversary - 10 years, 1 million attendees!

The first 75 booths in each city receive a 15% discount and these specially discounted booths are nearly gone. This is also the prime time to choose the best locations available before the spring rush. If you haven’t reserved yet please call at your earliest convenience at (828) 236-0324 ext. 300 or email exhibit@greenfestivals.org

10 Years, 1 Million Attendees

{tiframe linktext:="Click to View" thumb:="images/stories/photomontage_web_jan1.png" url:="images/stories/2524742323_cb6bbd7a7e_z.jpg" gal:="SF-Green-Festival"} {tiframe linktext:=" " url:="images/stories/4126763025_d1a69a2a68_z.jpg" gal:="SF-Green-Festival"} {tiframe linktext:=" " url:="images/stories/Yoga3_GreenFestivalweb.jpg" gal:="SF-Green-Festival"} {tiframe linktext:=" " url:="images/stories/sffall111.jpg" gal:="SF-Green-Festival"} {tiframe linktext:=" " url:="images/stories/img318132.jpg" gal:="SF-Green-Festival"} {tiframe linktext:=" " url:="images/stories/5129214485_0059fbb21a.jpg" gal:="SF-Green-Festival"}

Green Festival celebrates our 10th Anniversary this year, and we invite you to be a part of our coast to coast celebration; 6 festivals, 5 cities, each an extraordinary event.

The first Green Festival took place in San Francisco on November 9-10, 2002, drawing 13,000 participants. The festival featured only 50 speakers, 125 exhibitors and a handful of special events. Now, 10 years, 32 festivals and 1 million attendees later, Green Festival is the largest sustainability event in the world and continues to grow year after year, including two new festivals in 2011: New York and Los Angeles.

Green Your Holidays

Happy Holidays from the Green Festival Team!PB063305

We hope you are enjoying this wonderful season with family and friends. In the hustle and bustle of dinners, parties and events it is sometimes easy to forget the simple things you can do to reduce, reuse and conserve food and holiday materials as well as benefit communities locally and globally. Here are a few tips to help green your holidays!

The Thought That Counts

Fair-TradeThis holiday season, please think not only of the special people who will receive your gifts, but also think of the people who worked hard to make the gifts. Choosing green products and services support businesses that work to solve, rather than cause, both environmental and social problems. Whether it's through Fair Trade practices that empower farmers and artisans in developing countries, or new healthy innovations to keep toxins out of the products we use everyday, green businesses provide us with ways to use our collective purchasing power to promote social justice and environmental sustainability.

The Season of Giving


As we quickly approach the holiday season, it is natural to feel a rising sense of panic when it comes to gift shopping. It is often a challenge to find that perfect gift for someone, or even to get inspired at all! But, we are here to make giving fun with creative and unique environmentally-friendly and socially-rewarding gift ideas for your family and friends.

The Green Festival marketplace hosts hundreds of local, regional and national green sustainable businesses with an amazing variety of gift ideas for the holidays. You can browse all exhibitors from each Green Festival year-round in our Exhibitor Directory! The directories are categorized alphabetically, or you can browse by city. Visit exhibitor websites and online stores for tons of fun fair-trade and environmentally-friendly gifts, including eco-fashion clothing and accessories, organic body products, Fair Trade chocolate, stationary and so much more. You will be sure to find something for everyone!

A Green Thanksgiving

organic-fruits-and-veggiesAs we prepare to celebrate with our families this Thanksgiving, we wanted to reflect on the many things we are thankful for this season.

We are thankful for each of you who participate in Green Festival. You are our foundation, and we only improve with your continued involvement. That participation and our new GF Bucks led to a combined $44,000 that invigorated the local economies in Green Festival Washington D.C. and San Francisco.

San Francisco Photo Gallery

{tiframe linktext:="Click to View" thumb:="images/stories/photo-gallery_SF2010.png" url:="images/stories/DSC2022.jpg" gal:="SF-Green-Festival"}{tiframe linktext:=" " url:="images/stories/DSC2338.jpg" gal:="SF-Green-Festival"}{tiframe linktext:=" " url:="images/stories/DSC2762.jpg" gal:="SF-Green-Festival"}{tiframe linktext:=" " url:="images/stories/DSC2865.jpg" gal:="SF-Green-Festival"}{tiframe linktext:=" " url:="images/stories/PB063331.jpg" gal:="SF-Green-Festival"}{tiframe linktext:=" " url:="images/stories/PB063380.jpg" gal:="SF-Green-Festival"}