Green Festival News

Shop Rainbow Grocery For Free Admission


We are proud and excited to partner with Rainbow Grocery to offer FREE admission to anyone with a purchase of $10 or more from November 1-7. Your receipt is your ticket!

Founded in San Francisco's Mission District in 1975 Rainbow Grocery Cooperative is the country's largest retail worker-owned cooperative and San Francisco's biggest independent natural foods store. 

Visit the Rainbow Grocery website or find them on Twitter and Facebook.

Annie's Green Kid's Zone

Annies-Homegrown-Logo-RGBSpend the weekend at Green Festival in San Francisco November 6 - 7, and make everyone smile, as you shop for non-toxic child, teen and adult clothing; engage in fun and educational seminars and activities for all ages; and enjoy a healthy, local vegetarian lunch. Bring your family to Annie's Green Kid's Zone for butter-making, reptile encounters and more, as we learn about the importance of maintaining ecosystems, how easy and fun recycling can be and why we need to work to conserve animal species and habitats.

Another Green Festival Draws to A Close

IMG_4116Thank you to everyone who attended! Green Festival engaged with over 30,000 individuals, all sharing a commitment to bettering their communities and creating a cleaner, greener, more socially just world.

Highlights of the weekend included inspiring presentations from Ralph Nader, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! and Corporate Innovator Ford’s Sustainable Business Strategies Director, John Viera. Attendees also had the opportunity to test drive Ford’s newest line of hybrid vehicles, including the Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid, participate in an Old Timey Seed Swap and view the latest in eco-fashion in a number of stylish runway shows. Attendees also had the opportunity to tour an energy efficient model home, take free yoga classes and listen to great live music while sampling organic beer and wine!

Washington D.C. Photo Gallery

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Find Your Inner Groove at the Music Stage

dc_musicA number of amazing local and regional artists will be performing at the Music Stage throughout the weekend! The Music Stage is located beside the Beer and Wine Garden so enjoy Happy Hour with your friends and family while sipping on an ice-cold organic brew or glass of organic wine and listening to great live music. Here is a preview of the artists you will find at the Music Stage:

Drive Green in Washington DC

The Ford Drive Green team is excited to have a big presence at the upcoming Green Festival in Washington D.C. on October 23rd and 24th at the Washington Convention Center. Here are a few things the event attendees can look forward to seeing from Ford…

Ford will bring their currently available and ‘soon-to-be-available’ electric and hybrid vehicles for both display and driving experiences. In Green Festival first, attendees can to discover what a decade of electric vehicle engineering feels like on the road. Attendees can go for street drives in the:

Washington D.C. This Weekend!

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Green Festival Washington D.C. is this weekend! Join us for the best in green business, shopping, cuisine, education and innovation at the Washington Convention Center Saturday October 23rd and Sunday October 24th.

Join DC's Congregations in Speaking Out to Protect Communities from Dangerous Coal Ash

A guest post by Joelle G. Novey of Greater Washington Interfaith Power and Light

Greater Washington Interfaith Power & Light is delighted to be one of the 2010 DC Green Festival's non-profit allies! Through Interfaith Power & Light, hundreds of congregations of all religious traditions work together to save energy, go green, and respond to climate change.

In so many of our neighborhood congregations, people are heart-sick about the role of coal power in producing the heat-trapping gases that are causing global climate change. They are working to reduce their electricity use in their sanctuaries and at home. They are using their energy dollars to support wind energy generation. And they are figuring out how to put solar panels on their roofs.

Lately, our network of concerned communities has been speaking out on the issue of coal ash -- the toxic waste product of coal-fired power plants.

28 Years of Greening America

Working for nearly a year on each Green Festival - you often lose site of the big picture while buried in all the daily details. 

This year has been no different.  The logistics are never ending. But it's all worth it - especially when the city starts to buzz about the event. As we do our grassroots marketing, street teaming and hanging posters, people come out to tell us they can't wait to come to the event.

 Let me give you an inside scoop!

The fashion shows will knock your socks off - the new textiles and the amazing designs and colors are breathtaking! Even rock star Bono's business EDUN, will be with us in Washington DC to show-off their new t-shirts produced with organic cotton at an African cooperative.

The music will be the best ever - we have pulled together amazing local bands and musicians.

Can Grassroots Activism Stop Offshore Oil Drilling in the U.S.?

A guest post by Matt Dundas, Campaign Manager - Climate and Energy Campaign at Oceana

After one of the worst environmental disasters in world history, one might think U.S. policy makers would be falling over each other to prevent another oil spill in our oceans. Following failed attempt after failed attempt to cap the stubborn wellhead in the Gulf for 85 days, one might presume the government would tacitly dismiss industry assurances that such a leak would be capped within hours the next time it happens.

However, considering that the oil and gas industry donates heavily to Congressional campaigns, it is no surprise that our leaders seem to have yawned at the notion that offshore drilling is inherently dirty and dangerous and needs to be brought to a halt.