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DSC02947There is so much in store for you this fall season at Green Festivals! We are extremely excited to return to Washington D.C., October 23-24 and San Francisco, November 6-7, with new speakers, pavilions, workshops, activities and admission options!

Now is a great time to be back in Washington D.C., because it is our nation’s capital and the political core of the United States. There are so many wonderful events occurring at the moment in Washington D.C. Americans are speaking out, rallying for causes, and taking an active role in shaping their government, and Green Festival is thrilled to be a part of the action!

We are always at home in San Francisco, one of the most progressively-green and sustainably-active cities in the nation and we rejoice in being part of a community so inspired by its physical surroundings and cultural diversity.

The 9th Annual Green Festival Returns to San Francisco

Join us at the 9th Annual San Francisco Green Festival November 6th-7th at the San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center!

There is something for everyone at Green Festival. You can learn a new skill, listen to inspiring words from political, intellectual and cultural icons, shop at any of our green vendors ‘til you drop, find new styles, munch on delicious cuisine, enjoy a glass of organic wine, peruse recent publications in the bookstore, sample fair trade chocolate and coffee, engage with local nonprofit organizations and much more! New admission options will give you the immediate benefit of getting into Green Festival, while also giving you the lasting benefits of engaging with your local community to make your world a better place.

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Help Spread the Word About San Francisco Green Festival!

Weekly Wednesday Outreach meetings at Global Exchange

FALL_SF_postcard_small_imageBeginning Oct. 13th 5:30pm-7pm
Global Exchange
2017 Mission St, 2nd fl,
San Francisco, CA
Food and drinks will be provided

Help spread the word about Green Festival San Francisco! Weekly Wednesday meetings will begin October 13th to mobilize the Green Festival Street Team and get the word out on the streets about this great event!

These outreach meetings are for our street teams to get information, programs, flyers, and posters to distribute throughout out the Bay Area. We will have a large map that we will use push pins  to locate what area's we have covered, and what areas need to be filled. We will also be further developing our outreach strategies at these meetings, so bring your creative energy!

All outreach team members will receive free admission, an organic cotton, sweat-shop-free Green Festival t-shirt, memberships in Global Exchange and Green America and discounts in their stores at the festival.

Questions about the benefits of being a Green Festival outreach team member? Email volunteer@greenfestivals.org

Mother Earth News Fair Community Seed Swap

Sponsored by Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

 “Saving the Past for the Future" 

fruits_and_vegetablesCome to the Mother Earth News Fair Pavillion Community Seed Swap Saturday and Sunday at 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. at the Mother Earth News Fair Pavilion to share your seeds, your knowledge and your enthusiasm for different plant varieties with other gardeners and farmers! Connect with folks who might be your neighbors, or from anywhere in your bioregion and bring any seeds you have to share. Bring all seeds, whether you’ve saved them yourself or even have varieties left-over from this year’s garden! This is an informal, relaxed event and beginners are welcome.

Green Festival Can Link the Peace Movement and the Green Economy Movement

Guest blog by Dr. Kevin Danaher

KD_headshot_w_hatThe world is facing two interlinked crises: militarism and global destruction of the environment. They are obviously related in that the U.S. military is probably the most egregious polluter and waster of resources on the planet, and the Pentagon functions to protect the dominant role of transnational corporations, which are notorious violators of human rights and environmental justice principles.

We could help unify the peace movement and the green economy movement by working together on a visionary campaign that would transform U.S. military bases into Eco-Universities/Eco-Industrial Parks. The 865 U.S. military bases around the world represent institutional inertia rather than any real national security interest of the American people. Quite the contrary: by inserting thousands of young, poorly educated yet well-armed American males into foreign cultures they know little about, we are generating resentment that fuels the passions of those who would do us harm.

Annie's Green Kid's Zone


Come one, come all, kids big and kids small! Visit Annie's Green Kid's Zone at Green Festival and enjoy a weekend of fun and creative hands-on activities organized by the National Children's Museum! Kids can create wearable water bottle jewelry and creations, participate in a recycling obstacle challenge, bowl a recycled strike, make a jump rope out of plastic bags, build a city, learn about the busy futures of recycled objects and learn how the National Children's Museum will be a green organization!

Join Us at the 6th Annual WDC Green Festival

Dear Friends,
Make plans to join us at the 6th annual Washington D.C. Green Festival at the Convention Center in downtown WDC!

crowd_DCWhether you live in a big house or a tiny apartment, whether you are on a shoestring budget or ready to make a financial investment, whether you work from home or an office, you'll find great ideas for greening your life, your community and the world at the Green Festival.

At the Green Festival, you'll experience visionary speakers and workshops to inspire your actions every day.


Green Living Project


Green Festival partner, Green Living Project, is excited to announce its newest multi-media event showcasing cutting-edge global sustainability stories. Green Living Project mixed media presentation, "Global Sustainability: Central America to Maine", will feature sustainability projects in Maine and from across Central America, including Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. During the showcase, audience members will be able to experience the expedition team’s journey and witness the latest efforts in marine conservation, adventure eco-lodges, voluntourism, urban sustainable tourism (geo-tourism), indigenous communities, education, sustainable forestry and more. Attendees can also learn about responsible adventure travel, sustainable living, and Chewonki’s famous wilderness and sustainability education programs in Maine!

Greening Green Festivals


At Green Festival we aspire to achieve the highest possible waste diversion rate. We not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk when it comes to operating an event that is as sustainable in design and practice as its message promises!

Trash cans do not exist at Green Festival. Instead, we utilize Resource Recovery Stations, which feature collection bins for recyclable items, organic and compostable items and the little waste that cannot be recycled. You can even recycle electronic devices in E-waste receptacles! Every Resource Recovery Station also includes a liquids bucket for "gray water." Each station features trained volunteers to assist attendees in choosing the right bin for their waste and to ensure that there is no contamination between the bins.