Green Festival News

Green Festival News

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  • Green Festival 2014 Starts Out Strong in Chicago Land

    On Friday afternoon, there was a line of student groups, conscious consumers, families and business representatives waiting to enter the Festival Hall at Navy Pier.
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  • San Francisco Launch Party Recap and Gallery

    The Green Festival San Francisco Launch Party took place at Living Green Design showroom on Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014 with a great turn–out of the Bay Area’s green community. The event celebrated the thirteenth year in San Francisco, our longest-running show in the country.
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  • Veri Soda

    Today's world is a complicated place, especially when it comes to making decisions on what to eat and drink. Conscious consumers not only consider health benefits and the quality of the products they consume but also the impact they have on the environment. One major point for consideration is the sugar debate especially as it relates to soda.
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  • MyCO2Bag Inc. - MushroomGrowKits.com

    The varieties they grew were Oysters, Kings, Lions Mane, and Shiitake. The two grew enough mushrooms out of their converted garage to attend five thriving farmers markets, providing the public and over a dozen local restaurants with their daily supply of fresh picked organic mushrooms.
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  • Door to Door Organics

     Food touches every aspect of life. Dinners with friends and family fill our social calendars, and our health depends on knowing which foods to eat and which to avoid. But the foods we eat also affect the environment around us. How they're grown, where they come from, and what happens to them once they're past their prime all add up to a "foodprint," or the environmental impact of your food choices, which you can keep in check by making a few conscious decisions.
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  • Chicago 2014 Launch Party Recap and Gallery

    The Green Festival Chicago Launch Party, which took place on Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014, was a major success with nearly 80 attendees from the region's green community celebrating Green Festival's ninth year in Chicago.
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  • Chicago Green Festival-Saves-Lives Campaign 2014

    Green Festival-Saves-Lives Campaign, helping pets in need find good homes!  
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  • LA Super Green Shopper Prizes Winner

    Congratulations to Monica Diaz , the winner of the Super Green Shopper Prize in Los Angeles!
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  • Green Festival on Smart Talk Health KCAA Radio

    Elaine McFadden from Smart Health Talk interviews Dr. Corinna Basler, president of Green Festival,Daiya Vegan Products, and Dr. Bronners Magical Soaps. Watch now.
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  • CNN iReport: Having fun at the 2014 Green Festival in Los Angeles

    This video features the 2014 Green Festival in Los Angeles where attendees learned about green friendly products, test drove the new BMWs, and got to play on solar powered scooters!
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  • Green Festival in Los Angeles Daily News

    Los Angeles Daily News reports on how Green Festival’s electric vehicles created a buzz at Los Angeles Convention Center. The event included partners BMW, Ford and Tesla, automakers who are investing heavily in plug-in electric vehicles. It also featured the latest ridesharing companies, including ZipCar, a car-lending ride-sharing company, and MPG Car Rental, which features the all-electric Tesla Model S.
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  • Green Festival Los Angeles Starts Today!

    The best in Green Living come together for this 3 day event. Learn about the newest products and trends in Organic Food, Body Care & Nutrition, Sustainable Home & Garden, Alternative Transportation and Sustainable Fashion.  Beat the lines by buying your ticket online now!
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  • BMW offers test drives at the LA Green Festival

    BMW i marks the start of a new chapter of mobility. One that's defined by electrifying performance, efficiency, and style. Where sustainability meets pure agility, and exhilarating acceleration. And where vehicles like the all-electric i3 and i8 plug-in hybrid finally perform like BMWs. Because they are.
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  • Keep a look out for our billboards!

    We are making a splash in LA with several bilboards up in the city! Get all the festival details here.
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  • Mentoring Sessions by Pay It Forward Labs

    This year we have a special treat for you.  We want the LA Green Festival to be as interactive and useful for you as possible so we brought in our friends, Pay iT Forward Labs, the mentor specialists to provide you with  a specific business mentors to offer advice on all levels of starting, growing and selling your green business. 
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  • Adopt a Pet at the LA Green Festival

    ​Best Friends Animal Society is the only national animal welfare organization focused exclusively on ending the killing of more than 9,000 cats and dogs per day in America’s shelters.
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  • Los Angeles 2014 2014 Launch Party Recap and Gallery

    The Green Festival Los Angeles Launch Party was a huge success with more than 100 attendees celebrating Green Festival’s 4th year in the City of Angeles. The event took place in Santa Monica at the private home of LivingHome CEO Steve Glenn, which is the first ever LEED Platinum certified home in the country.  
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  • Bio-K+ - Life is about balance

    Bio-K+ Sponsored ARTICLE Life is about balance   The key to maintaining your mental and digestive health is Balance.  Your digestive system is made up trillions of bacteria.  In order to continue to support a healthy gut, it’s essential to maintain a balance of more good than bad bacteria so that it’s weighed in your favor.  This becomes especially important when your good bacteria may be reduced by stress, seasonal changes, and then antibiotic therapy.  Bio-K+® 100% Probiotics helps bring back that balance, keeping you healthy and ready to tackle on the rest of the year. #biokfresh    
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  • “Impossible Is A Dare” Business for a Better World

    Turning hunger and poverty into sufficiency, war into peace, and pending climate catastrophe into planetary balance are all based on looking at resources. Business, as both a creator of the problems and a cradle for innovation, can facilitate these transitions.
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  • Spreading The Green Message Without Sounding Like A Schmuck

    The Green Festival in Washington, DC is a great place to check out the coolest new green products and sample staple healthy living favorites like Honest Tea and Global Exchange Chocolate, but it is also a wonderful place to connect with green rock stars and sit in on interesting eco lectures.
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