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EZ Wyp

606 Brighton Beach ave, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11235 - View Map

EZ WyP is a Biodegradable Wet Wipe. EZ WyP towels are all natural, no chemicals, not anti bacterial.The concept of EZ WyP is different than your other standard wipes. EZ WyP comes dry and compressed, so you would have to moisten to use (the dispenser makes it convenient and allows you to carry the wipes and liquid to moisten the wipes when needed). This makes EZ WyP Long lasting as opposed to other standard wipes which come moist, but dry up within days. With EZ WyP there is no time frame for the wipes to expire since they are dry already. EZ WyP's all natural Fiber makes your skin smooth after using. With EZ WyP you get your moneys worth.