Green Festival Exhibitors

Vanishing Tribe


Vanishing Tribe is an ever evolving lifestyle brand promoting cultural awareness through design. Each season we pick a part of the world with a rich artisanal tradition, do our research, book our flights and hit the ground running! Stories fuel our company. You might find us bumping around on the back of rusty motor-scooters in Laos, visiting Tai Lu communities that still grow their own silk worms, sipping Masala tea with Tibetan elders and hearing stories of life in exile while browsing through the finest piles of Tibetan turquoise, or getting overwhelmed in the markets of Indonesia searching for disappearing Ikat textiles. In Laos, weaving skills and natural dying techniques have been passed down from mother to daughter for thousands of years. In Indonesia, a single Ikat textile can take up to one full year to produce. We only saw it fit to support these artisans in their traditions by paying whatever price they ask and to carry their level of passion over into our domestic production techniques.
These incredible materials are shipped home to our studio in Portland, Oregon where they are lovingly incorporated into our bags and jewelry. We cut, sew, print, dye and fabricate everything by hand. Our screen prints are hand-drawn illustrations inspired by our travels and printed with eco-inks. Vanishing Tribe’s focus is old-world craftsmanship, modern sustainability and innovative design. We strive to create products that withstand the test of time and have vibrant stories to tell. Be a part of our story . . . Come Run with Us!