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Scattergood Friends School

1951 Delta Ave, West Branch, IA, USA, 52358 - View Map


Scattergood Friends School has provided students from around the world with a college preparatory education since 1890. Unique in our approach, we emphasize living in community and are devoted to fostering the growth of the whole person. Scattergood offers a unique blend: strong college-preparatory academics, a cooperative work program, environmental awareness, and roots in values such as equality, simplicity and integrity. Met with the realities of our current environmental and economic problems and an educational mission, Scattergood is compelled to confront prevailing unsustainable practices and take actions to fight global warming and biodiversity loss not because actions taken by a small school like Scattergood can directly impact global trends but because we have the potential to extend values of sustainability and conservation to our students and community. The magnitude of Scattergood's role is humble, but the moral imperative is great to insure that local and global ecological systems continue to meet the physical, intellectual, and cultural needs of humanity.