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Salute Sante Grapeseed Oil

Food & Vine Inc.; 68 Coombs Street; suite I-2, Napa, CA, USA, 94559 - View Map


Recently certified GREEN by CABN, award winning Salute Sante Grapeseed Oil is truly The Chef's Choice! It's high smoke point (485 F) makes it ideal for sauteing, frying and baking without smoking, splattering or burning. The light taste enhances the flavor of ingredients, making it perfect for everyday cooking. It's ideal for marinades and salad dressings that will not cloud when chilled. Salute Sante!'s Infused Grapeseed Oils shine with delicious fresh flavors, making them ideal as a liquid spice for all your cooking possibilities. Infused with roasted garlic, basil, chili, rosemary and lemon - the oils are a natural for vinaigrettes, for marinades, or as a simple and delicious dip for bread in place of butter or margarine. Salute Sante! Grapeseed Oils provide valuable antioxidants and essential fatty acids, contains NO cholesterol; are TRANS FAT FREE and are NON GMO.