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Radius Corporation

207 Railroad Street, Kutztown, Pennsylvania, United States, 19530 - View Map


In 1983 architects, best friends, and innovators Kevin &

James sat on the Caribbean island of Tortola and decided

they wanted to do more…they wanted to impact and

improve the everyday lives of people. And what better

way than to Revolutionize a tool used everyday by billions -- the toothbrush! Archaic and practically unaltered since its

initial conception, the toothbrush was ripe for improvement. Hence

the first RADIUS toothbrush was born. Aptly named the Original, it is

still the #1 best-selling RADIUS adult toothbrush. At the crux of

RADIUS’ original design is a Radical, Revolutionary toothbrush that

offers Real Results by massaging gums while cleaning teeth and a

Refreshing/Rejuvenating experience making users feel as if have

just had a professional cleaning.

At the core of RADIUS’ dogma is a desire to reinvent existing, everyday

items by adding benefits through the 4 Rs – Responsible

Design, Radical Look, Real Results, Refreshing Experience. This mission

drives RADIUS to provide premium, thoughtful, and unique designer

options to consumers around the world while being 100% focused

on waste and energy reduction.

Today RADIUS is proud to be one of the only toothbrush manufacturers

still operating in the United States that still manufactures on its

own injection molding and bristling machines. RADIUS is a familyowned

and operated company manufacturing in a 20,000 Sq. Ft.

restored feed mill built in the early 1800s in Pennsylvania Amish


The RADIUS dogma

The 4 Rs – Responsible Design, Radical Look, Real Results, Refreshing

Experience – have allowed RADIUS to tap into three major cultural

shifts in design and customer preferences: 1) an increased

focus on health and wellness, 2) a desire to create an appealing

and unique lifestyle within homes, and 3) a willingness to pay a

premium price for high quality oral and personal care products.

People understand that when invest in the best, you are investing

in the long-term health and happiness of you and your environment.

The RADIUS guarantee

Designed and manufactured in-house on solar powered machines,

RADIUS products are made in our beautifully restored factory

located in the picturesque farming town of Kutztown, PA.

Each product is inspected by hand, designed to last, and unconditionally