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Purific Water USA

2449 Grand Blvd, Holiday, Florida, United States, 34690 - View Map

Hydrate in style with water the way nature intended. Using our ingenious 7-stage gravity filtering system our models can provide you with great tasting, healthier water for pennies per gallon. Featuring a handy water spout for practical no-fuss operation, Purific removes heavy metals, colloids, algae, E. coli and other pathogenic microorganisms, eliminating unpleasant tastes and odors. Applying a Magnetic Field and Infrared Energy field, results in water that is revitalized, oxygenated and more highly absorbable. Plus, it’s better for our planet and kinder to your budget. Our planet will love us.

Provides Great Tasting Water
Eliminates odors
Removes bacteria
Removes heavy metals and hardness
Removes chlorine and trihalomethanes
Normalizes pH
Preserves minerals in the water
Emits a Magnetic Field and Infrared Energy, resulting in water that is Revitalized, Oxygenated and more highly absorbable
Eco-friendly – Eliminates plastic water bottles, saving planet earth
Costs only cents per gallon
No plumbing or electricity required