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Pleasurable Scents

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We are a family owned business that specialized in all natural hand poured productcts.  We offer highly scented hand-crafted soy container candles, tea lights, tart/melts, soy body butter, and essential body oils.  We use the highest quality one-pur all natural soy was in our candles and tea lights which porous quality allows the scent to escape while the candle burns slowly.  We select teh best on-lead wicks that minimize carbon buildup and smoking.  We use scents that positively stimulate the five senses to help maintain the jomeostasis of both body and mind.  We have created a unique blend of all natural soy body butter enriched with Cocoa, Aloe, Vitamin E, and other essentail oils.  Our butter is great for dry skin on hands, elbows, and feet.  Our butter is lightly scented with essential oils.  We offer a variety of un-cut essential body oils.  Our essential body oils are extracted from various parts of aromatic plants, flowers, and trees.  We offer designer scents without designer prices.