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Jasmin Aromatique & Koala Baby Organics – Maximum Healthy Benefits from Australia!

Fall/Winter 2013 is all about the shift in consumer’s desires towards genuine Certified Organic choices within the beauty and skincare marketplace. Amidst an industry which has simply not been held to high regulation standards, Jasmin USA heralds a wave of accredited purity and integrity through an award-winning premium line of Australian products.  Offering a true consumer-perspective of what ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ should really mean, this full comprehensive suite of products are verifiably Certified Organic to the highest standards; from its biodynamic and sustainable farm beginnings right through the entire organic manufacturing process.  The end result for discerning consumers is a complete range of face, body, and bath products in which every product is branded with the prestigious Organic Food Chain (OFC) and/or USDA international certifications as industry-recognized validation of their purity. 

Founder, Lihua Song – “Jasmin Aromatique arose from my vision to create the world’s best and healthiest skincare brand.  I wanted to change the way consumers choose skincare, making health and safety their first consideration.  I really believed that it was time for change, and that someone had to take the lead in challenging the norms that said it was ‘safe’ to put synthetic chemicals known to be dangerous into skincare and bath products.  I witnessed these ill effects myself when my own daughter’s eczema was aggravated by famous brand commercial personal care products, so I was eager to extend that vision to others.  Jasmin Aromatique and Koala Baby Organics are the results of that quest to provide genuinely natural alternatives, and I believe we have achieved the highest benchmark of any skincare company. I also believe we have created the number one choice for those who want not only the most luxurious and best performing beauty & skincare products, but who also want the safest and most truly natural. ”

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