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Inglis Quality Products LLC/ Smart Products

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Our product is an amazing new inventionwhich enables the user to clean most paintroller covers on the market today. It ispackaged in sets of 4 different color codedkleen-rs that effectively and quickly cleanrollers of any length and any nap size. Thekleen-rs are made in the USA and have a patent pending label. The inventor's focuswas to design a simple affordable productwhich ultimately would be totally environment-ally smart. Most painters as well as producersof paint roller covers are on a fast track toproduce cheap and ineffective rollers whichencourage users to trash them following usage.If the public is smart - they will use thebest roller covers which do a much betterjob of painting, and clean and reuse themnumerous times. EZ rol-r kleen-rs are theanswer as the user saves time, money, waterand the environment!