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Hey Honey! Artisanal Lemonade

Turlock, California, United States - View Map


Hey Honey! Artisanal Lemonades are 100% sweetened with California Wildflower honey, made with wholesome organic juices and herb extracts!


A family crafted lemonade, starting as a mother and daughter team, intent on creating a honey-sweetened lemonade without artificial ingredients, preservatives or added sugars. 


With every batch, Hey Honey! remains as honest as our intentions. Handcrafted with appreciation, our lemonade represents our values as a family to do everything we can to support organic farmers and honey bees that support us!


Every time you open a bottle and take that first long sip, you will inevitably relax into a slow smile and a deep sigh, because you have just experienced a lemonade nourishing to your body and flavorful to your taste buds! 


Enjoy our delightful Hey Honey!, warm it up, ice it down or mix it with your favorite spirit, it's a versitile lemonade you'll be reaching for year-round!