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Flax Seasoning

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At Flax Seasoning we create innovative spice blends with a healthy twist! Our unique seasonings combine flax seeds with flavorful spices and herbs. We have ingredients that you can pronounce, understand, and recognize - NO HIDDEN AGENDAS here! Plus, our blends are low on sodium - but still heavy on flavor! All around good for you.

Product Benefits:
► Organic ingredients
► Non-GMO
► Gluten FREE
► Low sodium
► No MSG
► Vegan
► No preservatives

Flax Seasoning is looking to do business with:
► Natural & organic retailers
► Local/Mom & Pop organic retailers
► Vegan restaurants
► Wholesale distributors
► Local health & wellness professionals

Contact me:
► Darren@flaxseasoning.com
► 571.989.3529