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EarthCorps envisions a global community of young environmental leaders and engaged citizens working to build strong local communities that support healthy habitats. EarthCorps' programs bring together young people from the USA and around the world to work, learn and grow. Our efforts unite best practices in environmental restoration with a community-based approach to service, education and action. Together with a global network of partners, volunteers and friends, EarthCorps restores key ecological sites around the Puget Sound region and around the world.At EarthCorps, we value sustainability, diversity, integrity and service:Sustainability: The long term viability and sustainability of the natural environment depends on work we do now. Through leadership, learning, and example we can expand the knowledge and commitment necessary to sustain the health of our natural systems.Diversity: The strongest systems are those that bring together the strengths of diverse constituents. We are committed to working with all age groups, especially youth and young adults, to develop human potential across racial, ethnic, economic, and gender lines. Through outreach work, we support the empowerment of disenfranchised communities.Integrity: We have an obligation to the community, the environment and ourselves. We are committed to working hard, having fun and maintaining the highest moral, ethical and technical standards.Service: Everyone can act to improve the world; these contributions enrich the givers, the natural environment, and human communities. Our experience demonstrates that people work best when they are part of teams that foster leadership, support individual empowerment and build community.