Green Festival Exhibitors

Fair Trade

Exhibitors are companies that are in line with Green Festival's core values and beliefs. Read More.


The first exclusively organic & Fair trade tea in the US.


First Fair Trade, Farmer Owned Chocolate Company.

Fair World Project (FWP)

1625 SE 25th Avenue, Portland, Oregon, USA, 97214 - View Map


FWP supports dedicated fair trade producers/brands.

FWP supports dedicated fair trade producers and brands, and insists on integrity in use of the term fair trade in certification, labeling and marketing.

Phone: 503-206-6729

Global Exchange Reality Tours


The idea that travel can be educational, fun, and positively influence international affairs motivated the first Global Exchange Reality Tours in 1989. Our tours provide individuals the opportunity to understand issues beyond what is communicated by the mass media and gain a new vantage point from which to view and affect US foreign policy. Travelers are linked with activists and organizations from around the globe who are working toward positive change. We also hope to prompt participants to examine related issues in their own communities.

Phone: 800-497-1994 ext. 233


Fairly Traded World Musical Instruments


Handmade, original designs with contemporary style.

Mr. Ellie Pooh

220 36th Street, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 11232 - View Map


Fair trade co. providing unique items comprised of elephant poo!

It's true, all made out of poo! Pulped to perfection by the elephants of Sri Lanka. Stationery, cards, green gifts and more. "Conservation through Innovation"

Phone: 701-746-1489


Handmade, Tree-Free, Fair Trade paper products from Nepal


Beautifully-designed sustainable products for the home.


Fair Trade products from Peru and Cameroon.


Pocket Disc- 100% Cotton Throwing Discs & Other Fair Trade Items

All-cotton,super-soft,safe discs are great for indoor/outdoor play. We've got tons of games to play with you & 54+ uses for this crocheted wonder. Members of Fair Trade Federation-we support over 350 Mayan artisans in Guatemala. Join us to learn about the fun & good things PocketDisc has introduced to the world.

SLOWCOLOR for Conscious Comfort

3068 10th St, Boulder, CO, USA, 80304-2522 - View Map


Fair Trade Eco-conscious clothing. Naturally Dyed. Always.

SLOWCOLOR is a social enterprise that delights conscious consumers with fair-trade clothing created by handloom weavers of India who receive a life-changing living wage. Our products are always environmentally sustainable, made using plant-based natural dyes.

Phone: 3035894404


Teatulia comes in 10 varieties including 3 herbal infusions


FairTrade, Organic Teas for the Gypsy at Heart!