Green Festival Exhibitors

Conservation / Recycling

Exhibitors are companies that are in line with Green Festival's core values and beliefs. Read More.

Wash Green. Cruise Clean.

Trees aren't cut down to harvest cork, renewable resource

FROGBOX rents eco-friendly moving boxes

supplying packaging w/ stylish design at reasonable cost

A non-profit computer reuse and recycling center


106 NW 9th St, Fruitland, ID, USA, 83619 - View Map

Reuseable shopping bags..."Saving the Planet with Style"!

Stylish, Sustainable, Socially Minded! iTySE was born out of the desire to "do good" for our enviornment while "looking good" doing it! We use stylish, re-claimed fabric for our carrying cases and incredibly durable materials for our bags. Reusable is nice, Sustainable is better! iTySE is assembled at Oregon Corrections Enterprises. Quality workmanship by inmates giving back to society, thru skilled labor, while repaying victims restitution, judicial court costs child support, room & board and taxes. iTySE...Saving the Planet with Style!

Phone: 208 740-0352

We rent and deliver green moving supplies.

reusable, washable cool lunchboxes with food containers