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Heal with our Spagyric extracts, learn in our Alchemical School.

Alimtox LLC

Alimtox- A full body detox program

Providing acupuncture to the Bay Area since 1980

Ancient Treasure, the all natural anti-aging moisturizing cream

100% Bamboo Hair, Body & Skin Care Brushes & Accessories

Professional Networking, Public Education for Homeopathy

America’s only all organic gift basket company

Bio-K Plus International Inc., is a research manufacturer specializing in clinically proven probiotics with our patented formula of L.acidophilus & L.casei. Bio-K Plus fresh products are all Certified Gluten Free and offered in fermented dairy, soy and Organic rice substrates. Our enteric coated capsules are adapted to your needs and can be used at home, while travelling or on the GO!

Dr. Banker Natural Vision Improvement

Boulder, Colorado - View Map

Prevent Eye Diseases/Eliminate Glasses/Avoid Surgeries!

Are you tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses? Are you fed-up with stronger and stronger prescriptions? Are your children developing eye problems with hours and hours of technology use? How much money will you spend on glasses for you and your family this year…next year?


You CAN eliminate your need for glasses, contacts and readers.

You CAN improve near and farsightedness, presbyopia and night vision.


Dr. Bankers’ Natural Vision Improvement Program is a comprehensive, cross-cultural, holistic, non-invasive approach to whole eye health and maintenance. Complete with big “E” eye chart, manual/workbook, DVD, CDs and much more. We are located in the Organic Body/Health section at booth # 327.

Boulder, Colorado Office: (303) 494-4532 M-Sat 10am-7:00pm MST

Workshops and Seminars available



Phone: 303 494-4532

Do you have a hormonal imbalance? Take our test and find out!

Convenient, Therapeutic and Organic Travel Wipe Tablets

360 Post Street Suite 704, San Francisco, California, USA, 94108 - View Map

Fresh Smiles Green Style

Dr. Nammy has a deep commitment to putting a smile on the face of dentistry. As her clients will tell you, she cares about the small details and it makes all the difference as she continually seeks new ways to make a trip to the dentist something you look forward to. Dr. Nammy is deeply committed making dental care environmentally friendly. Her office in Union Square is the first of its kind in San Francisco using environmentally sustainable materials and technology at every turn. She has continued to stay on the cutting edge of dental care since graduating with honors from University of Southern California’s School of Dentistry.

Phone: 415-433-0119

Say Goodbye to Dry Skin!

Hawaiian Moon Organic Aloe Skin Cream

Phone: 1-888-ALOE CRM

Raw, vegan whole food supplements-Nutrition the way nature intended!

Heliotrope San Francisco

1515 Church Street, San Francisco, CA, USA, 94131 - View Map

natural, locally sourced, fragrance-free skin care

Natural, locally sourced body & skin care, customized aromatherapy blends, personal health products and decorative accessories. Our fragrance-free body care products can be custom blended, creating a personal and unique relationship with each client, and our discounted refills will entice you to come back and visit us again. Heliotrope provides personalized service and natural, healthy, locally-sourced body & skin care products to nurture and promote the well-being of our clients. Moisturizers, soaps, skin care, hair care & shaving products, books and accessories.

Phone: 415.643.4847

Vegan body products hand blended w/ mango & avocado butters

Care and craftsmanship throughout all our Alpaca products

Certified organic, estate-grown extra virgin olive oil

PHD Hyperthermal Training/Infrared Sauna Therapy Expertise!

Oils of Youth

9653 Candle Tree Ln., Sandy, UT, 84092 - View Map

Our Complete Certified USDA Organic Skin Care System Does It All.

Oils of Youth by Carol Lee Organics.

Complete USDA Certified Organic Skin Care System for Nourishing, Anti-aging, Moisturizing, Revitalizing and Cleansing. One System Does It All.

This family business was founded in 2010 by Carol Lee, noted beauty, image, and style expert, and makeup artist for the academy awards. Visit Booth #425" mce_href="/

Robert McGowan – CEO

DJ Sprague – Director of Marketing

Phone: 801-996-3333

Awakening Millions to Greater Intimacy - Readings & TV Platform

Uplifting, cleansing and sustainable Palo Santo incense and oils

Producers of organic olive oil body care products

2504 W. Main Street, Ste I-105, Bozeman, MT, USA, 59718 - View Map

ShenTrition - The Ultimate Wellness Formula

ShenTrition, the ultimate wellness formula, is a blend of adaptogenic herbs & superfoods. This 39-ingredient powder supports vitality, balance and longevity...and it tastes good in water!

Phone: 866-497-7436

Comfortable, massaging shoe insoles help feet be pain-free!

The road to greater health and vitality!

Organic Superfoods, Wholefood Supplements, Eco-Lifestyle Products