Green Festival Exhibitors

Sustainable Home & Garden

Exhibitors are companies that are in line with Green Festival's core values and beliefs. Read More.


Defense System for Plants, includes insect & fungus control.


We bring grow-at-home products into households across the country


Eco-friendly whole house water conditioning systems


We rent and deliver reusable plastic boxes to your home or office


A Clean & Easy Way to Collect and Contain Compost


Clay irrigation pots. An ancient method for conserving water.

Earthcare Labs

P.O. Box 3402, Santa Monica, CA, 90408 - View Map


Earthcare Labs, founded in 2010, is a Southern California based developer and manufacturer of affordable, sustainable solutions for a healthier planet. Kūshe(R) is a plant-based liquid laundry cleaner that's hypoallergenic, free rinsing, includes anti-static plus softener and works with delicate dry clean only fabrics. Shampoosh(TM) is plant-based hypoallergenic pet shampoo that eliminates odors and static while gently conditioning fur and soothing itchy, flaky skin.


A natural switch from plastic to plant fiber!


Fast, Easy, Portable, High Efficiency Solar Ovens


Our solar powered products put the power of the sun in your hand.


Inspiring tea moments with stylish & convenient Libre Tea glasses


Eco friendly water filtration for commercial and residential

Live for Tomorrow

344 - 255 Newport Drive, Port Moody, BC, Canada, V3H 5H1 - View Map


Live for Tomorrow is a young, bold brand of eco-friendly household cleaners that uses a unique combination of scent, ingredients, and reusable packaging that conveys an image of sophisticated sustainability. Family? Health? Environment? Your legacy for Future Generations? We share your concerns. The Live for Tomorrow range of products help to address some of these concerns. You can make a difference. EcoLogo compliant - Vegan Approved - Leaping Bunny Approved Plant and Mineral based - Biodegradable - Septic Safe LESS PACKAGING - LOWER EMISSIONS - SAVING WATER

Phone: 1-604-629-5869

MyCO2 - Sustainable Mushroom Kits

1628 TULLY RD, MODESTO, CA, 95350 - View Map


Sustainable mushroom grow kits that make CO2 for house plants

MyCO2 is a unique company focused on making home mushroom gardening as common as growing plants. We created our patent pending customer activation technology to make available the most sustainable mushroom kits the world has ever seen! Our vision is educate the masses about the amazing world of mushrooms by simply making available our user activated mushroom kits that make CO2 for plants. This important part of mushroom cultivation usually occurs behind the scenes at a mushroom farm. Now you can unleash the power of mushroom sustainability in your garden before growing farm-to-fork mushrooms on your kitchen counter. We are committed to sustainability and have worked tirelessly to incorporate this commitment onto our products. MyCO2 kits are created at a C.C.O.F certified organic mushroom farm in California, keeping it organic and local. Our substrate consists of recycled hardwood shavings and dust collected from mills that build cabinets and doors. We invented “customer activation” to provide a stable shelf life, and to prevent the fungi from generating CO2 until inside the garden of the end user where the plants go to work converting it into Oxygen, Sugars, and Foliage. The MyCO2 safety hanger box is recyclable and made of card board sourced from Sustainable Forestry Initiatives which can trace every piece back to the seed. The cardboard boxes are processed at American River Packaging which recycles its waist cardboard in a high tech composter that creates gas which is used to power generators and offset the companies energy use. When a MYCO2 finishes helping plants do their thing, they grow mushrooms! mushroomgrowkits.com sunlightsupply.com

Phone: 1-209-550-1041


Bamboo Pillows & Bamboo Linen


Giving you better sleep tonight and a greener planet tomorrow


Reusable,modern holiday trees made of forest-friendly hardwood.


Crystalline glazed porcelain. All profits go to scholarships.

Samina Healthy Sleep

2217 Vantage Street, Dallas, TX, United States, 75207 - View Map


Sleep is the greatest source of health, vitality, performance and productivity. Approximately 1/3 of our lives are spent sleeping! It is a time during which vital physical and mental recovery takes place. The SAMINA sleeping system is based on many years of research in the field of sleep medicine. It is a system that addresses all aspects of sleep including the orthopaedic needs of the body, the bed climate and sleep hygiene. The SAMINA sleeping system is made exclusively from natural and organic materials - wood, natural rubber, virgin sheep wool and organic cotton forming a system that encourages a deep, restful sleep. Only the best quality raw materials are used and great care is taken to ensure the integrity and conserve the subtle energies of these natural materials. The SAMINA Healthy Sleep concept is sleep in its most natural form.

Phone: 2149604535


An employee-owned B corp makers of organic mattresses & bedding


Full service green insulation contractor.


Sustainable, Durable, & made in the USA.


Replaces detergent and cleans clothes without chemicals


Tower Garden is a state of the art vertical growing system


Making Healthy Living Easy