Green Festival Exhibitors

Sustainable Home & Garden

Exhibitors are companies that are in line with Green Festival's core values and beliefs. Read More.

Handthrown bright/lead free/dinner/garden ceramic wares DW/M safe

Grow Oyster mushrooms in as little as 10 days!

Bamboo towels/pillows/brooms/reusable kitchen items


Specializes in organic & natural bath & kids products.

Distributor of water filtration and purification systems

How does your space feel? Interior Mapping™- growth & rich life

Green cleaning kits/labels/demos/new Cleaning for Kids book


Universal concentrated green cleaner!

Ditto Brand Solutions

1148 18th Street Unit 5, Oakland, CA, 94606 - View Map

Ditto brand solutions sustainable retail displays

Ditto Solutions connects retail companies to their customers. It’s that simple.Our goal is to elevate your customer’s perception of your core brand, enriching the consumer experience through smart, ecological design. We give companies unique and innovative messaging platforms, which integrate sales & marketing goalsby doing, not lecturing.

Phone: 510-261-7743

Dutch Design for better world. Come to booth #359 to learn more

Manufacturer no VOC Paint/Finishing Products,Art/Craft Home

eco ditty

PO Box 1202, Nederland, CO, USA, 80466 - View Map

Reusable sandwich, snack + lunch bags: reduce-reuse-eat happy!

When you use a 100% Organic Cotton eco•ditty bag to carry your perishable and dry food items, you're keeping a plastic sack out of the landfill and dangerous toxins like BPA and PVC out of your body. eco•ditty bags can be washed and reused 100’s of times, saving money and reducing plastic waste.

• 100% Organic Cotton fabrics• Made in Colorado• Wash by hand, machine or dishwasher• No synthetics, plastics or chemicals touching your food

Phone: 303.775.3494

Teaching sustainable small scale food production & soil building

Vegan dog products restore/salvation salves/pet urine cleaner

GBO Hawaii: the sustainability game! Play, learn & love green!

Green and Values-Driven Real Estate Agents

Alkaline water & crystal salt: optical cellular health

Eco friendly water filtration for commercial and residential

Energy-saving LED desk lamps made in USA from recycled e-waste

U.S certified organic cotton cloth and homewares since 1995.

Designs/EV-2 charge stations/Wireless Lighting Control

Upcycled wine bottle candles/soy & beeswax/wood wicks/handmade

Natural & organic cleaner--safe for home, family & environment

Red Dragon/Weed Dragon

Offers a natural chemical free solution to killing weeds

Over 50 years ago Red Dragon Torches began its manufacturing in LaCrosse, KS. The “All American Torch Line” is extremely versatile and environmentally friendly. The variety of products allow the user to select the torch that is equal to the task from killing weeds in the yard or garden to a pre-emergent treatment prior to planting a lawn. Stop by Booth 1009 to learn more.

Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom

3001 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, CA, USA, 94705 - View Map

Manufacturers of natural latex mattresses, organic bedding & more

Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom manufactures the finest natural and organic mattresses with natural latex and certified organic materials. Learn more about how to create the perfect natural latex mattress, visit our new store in Berkeley!

Phone: 510-244-4155

Reusable Straw Company "THINK OUTSIDE THE PLASTIC!"

Non toxic, non detergent laundry ball - 365 loads!

MyTerraceFarmer a modular smart solar greenhouse for small spaces

See how you can benefit from clean, more affordable energy

Portable outdoor ovens for home/outdoor activities/emergency prep

Unique Artisan Crafts Collected Around the Island of Sri Lanka

SunPower Elite Dealer for commercial, agricultural & residential

Efficient irrigation and lighting for the landscape

Environmentally responsible products for dining on-the-go

Tower Garden

10365 E. Cele Peterson Ln, Tucson, AZ, USA, 85747 - View Map

Patented vertical aeroponic/food growing system

Put a farmer’s market on your back porch

Tower Garden® is a state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system. It’s perfect for rooftops, patios, balconies, terraces—just about any relatively sunny place outside.


Phone: 520.661.0406

645 Harrison Street, San Francisco, California, USA, 94107 - View Map

All-in-one garden systems that help city dwellers grow food

Stainless steel kitchen peeler - very effective and made to last!